Salesforce have a range of mobile apps to compliment their many platforms but it can often be confusing to work out what will benefit your business best. To help, we have broken down a list of 12 apps available for mobile and tablet and their functionalities to give you a better understanding of how you can make the most of them.
Salesforce Mobile App

Salesforce App

The Salesforce app allows you to access everything you may need from your Salesforce platform on the go. You can access all the data needed to make successful and informed deals wherever you may be. The app allows you to manage custom apps, CRM, Chatter and more all in mobile form to help you better manage your day.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics App

Salesforce Einstein Analytics

The Salesforce Einstein Analytics app allows you to create and analyse data easily without the help of IT. Users are able to stay up to date with any new data changes even when not at their desk. Having access to Einstein Analytics on the go means you are always up to date with live data adaptations to ensure what you are detailing is correct.

Salesforce Service Cloud App

Service Cloud

Everything you need from your standard Service Cloud can now be accessed remotely in the app. With the ability to view, edit, manage and even update cases, users are able to be fully prepared when out and about. The app also allows you to communicate via email, social media and chatter, which can be very useful when you need to provide updates or ask questions.

SalesforceA App


The ‘A’ in the Salesforce A app stands for admin. This app permits admins to adjust settings on the go. For example, if someone forgets a password when out in the field, the admin app allows the user to reset user passwords to avoid awkward issues.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud App

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

With the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, users are able to keep on top of their marketing efforts from anywhere. The app allows you to cancel, pause and resume emails, before tracking their performance. You can also view past or upcoming schedules to ensure you know always know what is coming up.

Salesforce Inbox App

Salesforce Inbox

The Salesforce inbox app allows you to use the same Einstein powered intelligence you have come accustomed to, on the move. You can automate administrative tasks to ensure more time is spent on what is needed, allowing reps to sell smarter. The app even offers recommended follow-up emails to ensure users are not missing out on any possible opportunities.

Salesforce Field Service Lightning App

Field Service Lightning

The Field Service Lightning app give users the capability to access geolocation, navigation and mapping to ensure everyone is confident on journeys and locations. The app also functions offline meaning, even in poor signal, users will still be prepared. You are able to collaborate easily with dispatchers, managers and anyone else that may be involved in the process. The app even allows for a customer signature and managed ‘Van Stock’ inventory to ensure your journey is a success.

Salesforce Authenticator App

Salesforce Authenticator

Security is very important and to ensure you are on top of it, there is the Salesforce Authenticator app. This app works as an additional layer of security to ensure you are always protected online. With the app you use your device to verify your logins and passwords securely. You are also able to enable automatic verifications from locations such as home or work and have verification codes sent straight to you if needed.

Salesforce Social Studio App

Social Studio

Instead of having to wait until you are back in the office to post on social media about the share-worthy thing you done that day, Social Studio allows users to post on social networks from wherever they are. You can create content and schedule publishes, or engage with the networks and respond to posts or reviews. The app ensures you are up to date with all current goings on and interactions to help you get the most out of your social platforms.

Salesforce Events App

Salesforce Events

If you are planning on going to any Salesforce events, such as Dreamforce or Salesforce World Tours then the Salesforce Events app is a must have. With personalised agendas and schedules you are able to maximise your involvement and ensure you don’t miss anything you wouldn’t want to. You can even share sessions with others to make sure they don’t miss out either and use the helpful map to make certain you’re all there on time and not lost in the Salesforce excitement.

Salesforce Dreamoji App


When just words are not going to cut it there’s the Dreamoji app. The app allows you to use the Salesforce characters Astro, Appy, Einstein, Cloudy and Codey, along with a few others, to add some whimsy to emails, Hangouts and even calendar reminders. There are many different variations to choose from to ensure there is something relevant for almost every occasion. App

Although soon to be closing, until 2020 you can still make the most of your access with automatic sync with the site. You are able to utilise all features such as resolving requests, viewing enquiries, setting case status’ and much more all in app form from wherever you require.

As you can tell, there are apps to benefit all areas of your business while you’re out and about! If you would like to know any more about the Salesforce apps and how they can help you and your business, simply get in touch. If you found this post helpful, why not check out some of our other recomendations for interesting Trailhead Badges or easy nurture campaigns and more on our blog.