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Giving nonprofits the advantage with the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud. Enhancing the number #1 CRM system for fundraising, grant management, volunteer management and all nonprofit organisations.

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What is Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud?

How can NFPs use Salesforce?
  • Built for nonprofits, by nonprofits, the Nonprofit Cloud is created with the purpose of enhancing nonprofit’s capabilities on the Salesforce platform. Our trusted team takes your needs as a nonprofit and with close attention to constituent and donor management, create a personalised system with you in mind.
  • Our certified team can implement the vast array of helpful organisation fields available on the Nonprofit Cloud. There are fields available for fundraising, grant management and volunteer measurement in particular, as well as many more to ensure your nonprofit is supported in whatever is needed.
  • We are well practiced in helping nonprofits to organise and track their donors and constituents with the help of the Nonprofit Cloud. With customisable features created with you in mind, you can be sure the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud has something to suit your needs. Our experts provide training to you and your team so you can start to use the system and see the benefits for yourself fast.
Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud for Fundraising
  • Our trusted team can help you to form a full 360 view of all your fundraising efforts and donor information. See all your communications right from the beginning, along with tracked information about donors and their interests. Form close relationships with constituents and volunteers to increase fundraising efforts, with the ability to track and report on data important to you and your organisation.
  • Let us take your daily manual process, such as updating each fundraising spreadsheet, and automate tasks to allow your team to get back to what’s important to you.
  • Our team can help you to utilise out of the box fundraising tools for tracking the whole donor lifecycle, helping you to find out the details of each stage of the process and recreate successes.
Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud for Grant Management
  • Once our experts have implemented your fit for purpose system, you can then take it with you to enhance working methods from wherever you need to be. The Mobile app allows your team to be on top of incoming grants, make updates and track progression throughout the journey from wherever they may be.
  • With 10 free Salesforce licences available to nonprofits with Nonprofit Cloud, it’s even easier to gain access to amazing grant management capabilities. Our specialist team will not only implement your system to ensure it is personalised for you and your needs, but train users on any features available which will benefit your grant management efforts.

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