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What is Salesforce Sales Cloud

A comprehensive CRM that allows you to manage your customer data, marketing, lead generation, and analytics all from one place. Sales Cloud is highly customisable, making it the perfect fit for all types of businesses. A properly configured Sales Cloud system allows you to fully automate much of your sales process, helping you make more sales, in less time, at a lower cost.

Benefits of Salesforce Sales Cloud

Sell faster

Track and automate the manual tasks that take up the most time day-to-day, allowing your team to get back to actively selling faster with Sales Cloud. With the ability to record all interactions on one platform with just a few clicks, users are not switching between systems and information is always freely available when needed.

Sell smarter

Take your current workings and streamline your processes, creating a more user-friendly, smarter approach to sales. With all the data you need easily accessible and up to date, your sales teams will be certain they have the resources needed to succeed, resulting in fewer mistakes and more revenue.

After the sale

Build detailed reports and dashboards with just a few clicks to see the accurate visual progression and help identify areas of improvement. See how different departments such as Sales, Marketing and Finance have all interacted with each customer to close the gap between departmental knowledge and allow teams to efficiently work alongside one another.

Why choose Silver Softworks as your Sales Cloud Partner?

Our experienced team can take the basic platform and tailor it to your needs with full implementation from start to support.

  • We will provide a free consultation to demonstrate how the system can work for your business needs.
  • With advanced configuration practices, we take those time-consuming or problematic areas faced day-to-day and find new solutions to help you grow.
  • We provide support as part of every implementation to ensure your users can successfully adopt your new system and begin to see results fast.
  • 5/5 customer satisfaction & 100% successful track record for delivering projects on time and budget.
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