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Always be front of mind with Marketing Cloud to engage, track and guide customers through your marketing experiences on whichever platform fits them best.

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What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

An all in one platform to engage, track and communicate with your customers across the channel that suits them best. Interact with customers on social media, your website, or via email, and track all those communications to build trusted relationships.

Features of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Email Studio

Send personalised emails to each of your customers depending on their interests. Create templates using code or drag and drop tools on visual builders depending on your needs, to ensure all users can interact with their customers in a way that suits them.

Social Studio

Broaden your customer-facing capabilities. Post, track, report and interact on a range of social platforms to take your business to where your customers are. Find out what current and potential customers are saying about your brand and your competitors to improve practices and learn what to promote next.

Advertising Studio

Create personalised one-to-one customer journeys with Advertising Studio. Users can advertise on your website, directly on Google or even social media including Youtube and Instagram. Use smart features to find new customers to target based on similar interests they have with your current ones. See a full view of marketing efforts and coordinate advertising with other communications or events happening within the same time frames for a complete marketing view.

Mobile Studio

The helpful featured your users have become reliant on can also be optimised for mobile use. Send SMS messages, push notifications and group messages right from your mobile with the help of preset mobile templates. Always stay relevant at the right time with the ability to send offers and push notifications depending on where your customer’s current locations.

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