With so many badges available to collect from Trailhead, it is sometimes difficult to decide what to partake in. To help you out, we have put together a list of the fun and interesting Trailhead badges you may have missed! We’ve even made a Trailmix with them in so you can follow along and easily find them. Follow the link here.
Ohana Trailhead Badge

Salesforce Ohana Culture

This badge tells you all about the Salesforce mindset and the stories that inspire them. Salesforce defines the ‘corporate culture of the company’ as “who you are, and what you stand for”. The badge progresses onto the core values of the Salesforce Ohana Culture, these being trust, customer success, innovation and equality, then telling you details of the expected behaviour, looking into integrity, transparency, alignment and accountability. The badge even describes why Ohana, stating: “Ohana means “family” in Hawaiian, and for us, it’s not just our blood-related family, it’s all the people we choose to be our family – it’s all of our stakeholders.” There’s even a little video you can watch before gaining tips as to how to establish your own culture to help strengthen your brand.

Build A Cat Rescue App That Recognises Cat Breeds Trailhead Badge

Build A Cat Rescue App That Recognises Cat Breeds

This trailhead project sees you assisting Muenzpraeger’s Home for Wayward Cats. You are first tasked with using Einstein Vision to identify the potential cat breeds by analysing photos. The badge then follows on to building a process to post in Chatter to tell any interested groups when certain breeds are available for adoption. The badge gives you the exact steps to follow and even begins with telling you what to expect by saying:

Here’s what you’ll do:

  • Create custom objects and a Lightning app for Muenzpraeger’s Home for Wayward Cats.
  • Create an Einstein Platform account.
  • Install an unmanaged package in your org.
  • Create an Apex class and Lightning components.
  • Create, train and test an Einstein Vision dataset.
  • Create public Chatter groups and use Process Builder to post to a group.
  • Test your process.
Build A 3D Virtual Reality App Trailhead Badge

Build a 3D Virtual Reality App

With 3D Virtual Reality become more and more common you may want to branch out and dabble in creating your own app. This Trailhead badge allows you to just that! The project lets you explore the Unity game development tool and the PlayMaker click-to-code plugin for Unity. Much like the aforementioned project badge Trailhead gives you a full breakdown of what to expect, stating:

Over the course of this project you’ll:

  • Download and set up all the tools you need to start building 3D VR apps with Salesforce.
  • Connect and customise your developer org to talk with Unity.
  • Pull a list of opportunities from Salesforce into Unity and display them as 3D objects in 3D space.
  • Make that list interactive, including gaze controls and saving updates back to Salesforce.
  • Build an application file (APK) so you can use your app on an Android phone using Google Cardboard and share it with friends.
  • Become awesomer.

Although the badge is super intriguing there are some drawbacks we should mention. For starters, the badge takes 6 hours to complete! Meaning it is definitely not for the impatient. The badge also requires you to own the PlayMaker add-on, which costs if you don’t already have it installed. The badge also requires Google Cardboard viewer and an Android phone to complete. If do you check all these boxes however, the opportunities for 3D VR are still expanding and you could be right there in the midst of it!