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If its simplicity you need, marketing automation with Salesforce Pardot is right for you. We are experts in the implementation and use of Pardot.

Marketing Automation with Pardot

From capturing leads, to personalised email marketing. Optimise your inbox and make it easier to send branded marketing materials. Salesforce Pardot offers an exhaustive suite of features. Automating marketing processes allows for faster and more accurate communications to be achieved. We are experts at helping our customers build relationships with theirs. Providing training and guidance to demonstrate how to nurture prospects effectively by tracking engagement with your marketing efforts and building relationships based on what directly interests each customer.

Get Started With Salesforce Pardot

Talk to our expert consultants about how we can help you automate those manual marketing processes to free you up to spend more time with your customers. We use the system ourselves, so know the best ways to enhance your marketing efforts and guide you through best practices. We have helped many businesses across a multitude of sectors to bring Sales and Marketing together through personalised messaging and tracking capabilities.

With our Pardot Quick Start Package you are able to get up and running with Pardot fast, with the assistance of our highly skilled team backing you as you begin your Pardot journey. All the way through implementation and connectors, to personalised training and continuous support, we are sure you will be a marketing automation pro before you know it!

Our Pardot Quick Start Process:

Project Kickoff
Implementation Plan
Email Templates
Engagement Studio
Automate sending based on criteria
Salesforce Connector Configuration
Social Media Connector Setup
Connected Campaigns Assistance
Landing Page Setup**
Forms/Form Handlers**
List and One-to-One Emails
List Setup
Engagement Program Setup
Automation Rules
2×2 Hour Training Sessions (remote)
30 days of go-live support (up to four hours)
** All HTML creative to be provided by the client

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Successful Delivery

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If you are a business that is new to Pardot and/or marketing automation, or are currently using Pardot Growth or Plus editions, have your own internal marketing resource or work with a marketing agency,  or are currently battling spreadsheets, word processors, legacy applications or pen and paper to close off your sales deals…..we are here to help!

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Frequently Asked Questions on Pardot

What is Pardot used for?
Pardot is a marketing automation platform from Salesforce, designed to support B2B marketers with the deployment of campaigns. It is used for targeted email campaigns, email automation, lead management for marketing, sales organisation and more. It provides faster and more accurate communication within the business.
How does Pardot work with Salesforce?
Although Pardot can be used as a standalone tool, users can integrate this with Salesforce and receive the best value from the service. Pardot and Salesforce integrate easily to help marketers manage the customers at every point in their journey.
Pardot is integrated with Salesforce
Pardot and Salesforce integrate easily to help marketers manage the customers at every point in their journey.
What is a Pardot campaign?
A pardot campaign is a themed touchpoint and is used to track a prospects first visit to the pardot tracked link. This establishes what influenced the prospect to the site, to which you will be able to follow up respectively to their queries.
What is the difference between Pardot and Salesforce campaigns?
Pardot campaigns are first visits or interactions with the site and distinguishes what influenced the prospect to the site. A Salesforce campaign is multi-attributional, for example what marketing points on the site did influence them to convert or take a particular action.
How often does pardot sync with Salesforce?
Syncing Pardot with Salesforce can take around 2-4 minutes.
What causes a sync from Salesforce to pardot?
    Updating contacts and leads

    Making field changes

    Actions that will update the ‘Last Modified timestamp, will cause Pardot to sync.

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