Salesforce Field Service Lightning

Monitor, track, and report on all areas of distribution, from dispatching workers and their locations, to stock levels and equipment approval, even on the go with the Field Service Lightning mobile app.

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What is Salesforce Field Service Lightning?

Salesforce Field Service Lightning for workers
  • Let our experts help you to efficiently organise your work-force with Salesforce Field Service Lighting features for dispatching and tracking workers.
  • Our qualified team optimise the platform to allow new ways of both tracking appointment statuses and scheduling service appointments when needed. We have helped many customers streamline their worker distribution processes and provided clarity for day to day progression.


Salesforce Field Service Lightning for equipment
  • Our professional team is well versed in configuring and personalising Salesforce Field Service Lightning to improve processes for production. Providing the ability to work faster and smarter in areas such as dispatching and approving equipment usage in real time from wherever you are.
  • Using geocoding, our developers can provide you with the clarity to track vehicle locations to always be on top of current workings and provide updates go the go.
  • Create detailed reports and utilise automation capabilities to not only track and monitor product stock levels, but receive alerts for when they are low. We can even show you how to trigger an email to the relevant member of staff to take action when thresholds are reached.


Salesforce Field Service Lightning uses
  • With the ability to create templates and maintenance plans to ensure consistency and standardisation, our team optimise Salesforce Field Service Lighting for all your users whether they are out in the field, at their desk or wherever else they may be.
  • Once configured, the platform can even be used offline to ensure no users are missing out, even those in signal dead zones out and about, meaning nothing is ever missed or forgotten, as the need to update at a later time is eradicated.
  • Get in contact to find out how to get the most out of Salesforce Field Service Lighting for your business. Why not learn more about the amazing features capable on the platform with our Overview of Field Service Lightning blog post.
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