Salesforce Health Check

Get the most out of your Salesforce instance. Our Salesforce Audit will highlight any issues with the implementation, usage, or understanding of your Salesforce system.

What Is A Salesforce Health Check?

A Salesforce Health Check is an audit of your Salesforce system, usually prescribed to either diagnose issues with the system (technical, business, adoption) or to understand the current state of the system before embarking on a new project.

Whether you’re banging your head on your desk trying to understand an error that the system is producing, wondering why your users refuse to adopt the system, or simply want to make sure the foundations are solid before rolling out to a new team, an audit of the existing system can give you some perspective, and highlight any current or future considerations that you may not have thought of.

Why Might I Need A Salesforce Health Check?

Technical Issues

There’s something wrong with your setup

Low Adoption Rates

Your users refuse to use the system, and you don’t know why

Planning Change

You have a project in mind, but want to understand the current state of play first

New CRM Owner

You’ve recently inherited a Salesforce org and need some context

Implementation Issues

You’re not sure if your Salesforce was set up correctly the first time around, and would like an objective review

Business Change

The business has changed, but Salesforce hasn’t and is no longer aligned to your processes

What Are The Benefits Of A Salesforce Health Check?

There are many benefits to undertaking a Salesforce Health Check. We’ll tailor the health check to meet your business and meet your outcomes, but common benefits include:

  • Increased User Adoption
  • Visibility of both current and future issues
  • Increased ROI

What Is Involved In A Salesforce Health Check?

Health Checks are flexible in terms of their format, but a typical health check includes:

  • Stakeholder Workshop(s) so that we can understand the intended business processes and current frustrations if any exist
  • Technical Analysis so we can understand how the system has been configured, check whether it adheres to best practices, and notify you of any red flags or technical concerns
  • Salesforce Limits Analysis so that you can be confident that you won’t hit any governor or data limits anytime soon
  • Code Review if you have Apex code or other custom development in your Salesforce instance. We’ll not only give you an idea on the quality of the code but also let you know what it’s doing if you’re unsure!
  • A Findings Report so that you have a written record of our findings and recommendations

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