The data you collect can tell you everything you need to know to ensure the success of your business. You collect it on everything and create a build up of reliable sources to help improvement and growth. All that data collection and analysing however, can be incredibly tedious and often confusing. Einstein Analytics is here to help and minimise your wasted time and errors.

For when you’re overwhelmed with data

Salesforce Einstein Analytics
Salesforce has always allowed you to quickly sort through data and find what you’re looking for, however, with the ever growing data retention you are building it can become almost impossible to test every theory or understand every change. That’s where Einstein Analytics comes in. Using artificial intelligence the platform does all the calculating and analysing for you to gain all the insights you need and those you may not of even realised would be beneficial.

How does it work?

With Einstein Analytics all the data is sectioned and organised clearly, so you can be sure you are taking action when needed in order to close more deals. The platform can benefit all areas of your business and the sectors that control them:

Sales can spot trends and optimise opportunities
Management can be sure teams are working to the best of their abilities by reviewing performance and results.
Service teams can view customer satisfaction and effectively handle issues fast by providing recommendations then and there.
Marketing can have all the insights needed to target specific areas.

What are the benefits of Einstein Analytics?

All teams can come together and collaborate in real time on the outcomes of Einstein Discoveries data combinations. If there are any capabilities any sector is missing, however, using the ready-made apps in the AppExchange you are able to expand Einstein Analytics use and tailor it to your personal needs. See this short video here to see some of the benefits different teams can gain through using Einstein Analytics.
Salesforce Einstein Analytics dashboard
Einstein Analytics gives you the freedom to view a full procedure from start to end. Analysing what worked, what could use improving and why each occurrence happened at every stage. With this clear whole view, effective future strategies can be organised and perfected. You are even able to do this mobile from anywhere to ensure you are always up to date wherever you are.
Why not share all relevant data within meetings or groups by instantly creating presentations with Einstein Analytics statistics and tables. Showcase results in clear views and present graphs to help depict interest points and better enhance your presentations.

Find out how Einstein Analytics can benefit your business by getting in touch. Check out some of the other ways Einstein can benefit you across the Salesoforce platform with other use cases such as Salesforce Einstein Voice and even identifying buying intent from your customers.