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Create fully branded portals for customers, partners and employees with Salesforce Experience Cloud.

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What is Salesforce Experience Cloud?

Create Fully Branded Portals

Create an online platform that allows users to communicate and learn from each other and to provide support. Configure personalised communities that allow users to converse amongst themselves and with your business. Empower users to answer questions, learn new use cases and skills from like-minded people, sell and test new products and ideas, or simply reach out and keep in contact with your community.

Connect With Customers

Form better relationships with your customers through trusted channels such as the Salesforce Customer Community. Let customers exchange stories, use cases and question answers with each other, to help extend customer trust and encourage repeat business.

Provide access to training resources or any other documentation you would like them to be able to find. Members of your team can even securely exchange important documents such as billing procedures or set data to provide customers with a clear and informative view when needed.

Connect With Partners

Give portal access to your channel partners to share information, collaborate on deals, and shorten your sales cycle. The Salesforce Partner Community provides the ability to create interactive, real-time and personalised sites to establish connections and communications between partners.

Send and share documentation and sections from other Salesforce products, directly to those who need them, making for easy collaborations and onboarding

Connect With Employees

Easily communicate within your business for advice, or even reimagine the way you speak to specific staffing areas, such as easily submitting issues for HR. Create portals for onboarding and provide access to useful materials fast. Once your staff are settled why not have them upskill on new business areas from within a personalised community you create.

Silver Softworks can help you achieve all this and more. 


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