What can Salesforce Financial Service Cloud do?

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud allows you to effectively manage financial accounts, household relationships and goals, all in one place. You are able to view all areas of your clients financial profiles, ensuring you are up to date with all the relevant information you could need.

Who uses Salesforce Financial Service Cloud?

With Salesforce Financial Service Cloud advisors and personal bankers are able to understand who their customers actually are, what financial products they already possess and what can be done to achieve their goals. Financial Services Cloud can be fully intergratable with all other relevant Salesforce platforms, meaning you can create informed results and outcomes using a range of platforms.

Financial Accounts

How is Salesforce Financial Cloud different to Service Cloud?

All of the helpful attributes of the standard Salesforce Service Cloud platform including organised lists compiled from your leads and opportunities are available on the Financial Services Cloud adaptation. You can also customise views with drag and drop features to ensure all the information you need is right where you want it.

Financial Service Cloud Relationships

What does Financial Service Cloud show?

The platform gives its users access to finances and data from anywhere to ensure advisors are always relevant and prepared. You are able to access everything from complete financial engagement, including a map view of the customers ‘financial world’, to needs and referrals in order to determine target areas.

Financial Service Goals

What additions and personalisations can be made to Financial Service Cloud?

Using AppExchange, you can also uncover useful tools to use with your Financial Services Cloud, such as customer profiling, financial planning, data aggregation services, electronic forms and much more. With these additions the platform really gives users the freedom to compile effective reports and get the most out of Salesforce Financial Service Cloud.

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