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LGBR Capital works in partnership with experienced, quality investment managers to develop and distribute financial products to investment intermediaries in the UK, including onshore and offshore funds, regulated tax efficient products and alternative investments. Targeting a set number of around 9000 firms they are proven and effective in the financial services sector. With over 40 members of staff they are a well established team demonstrating a range of innovative investment products.

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The Brief

LGBR Capital’s main requirement was around the ten CRM spreadsheets they were using for day to day activities. With data spread across this many areas it not only slowed down working due to having to switch between documents to find answers, but also encouraged duplicates and errors. Spreadsheets also allow for no way of tracking, orchestrating or sending tasks, meaning the process was often unorganised and irregular due to lack of visibility.

LGBR Capital wanted a way to track customer moves and events such as who was invited vs who attended roadshows. They also needed to follow the journey after, to discover who then continued to interact and invest in them, in order to recreate successes. They were very comfortable with the idea to use custom objects and campaigns in order to provide them with the freedom and visibility of customer journeys they were looking for.

The Strategy

Working alongside LGBR Capital, Silver Softworks created a bespoke system that allowed for a full view of the customer journey, in a fast and efficient manner. The main issue in need of a solution was the aforementioned ten CRM spreadsheets currently used for performing tasks. Creating one personalised Salesforce org meant this was no longer an issue and all data could be stored in one place for easier utilisation. This led to fewer mistakes due to removing the need to switch between documents, as well as drastically reducing the amount of duplicate information LGBR had been seeing.

In terms of the data procedures, the opportunity objects used were adapted to be more compatible and systematic with working process, enabling the right person to always be allocated for the task. This allowed LGBR Capital to ensure customers could be grouped into the correct circumstances to achieve the best contact and assistance for their query.

Ultimately, with the new ways of sorting and managing customers, LGBR are able to use reports to track mandates owned and improve task practices at every stage. Tasks are now automatically allocated to improve internal communications and allow for easily combinable working efforts and accurate follow up appointments. The sales team have been provided with the freedom to be on top of interactions in a streamlined and organised manner, ensuring a clear and accurate outcome.

Silver Softworks did a very good job in thinking outside the box to come up with workable bespoke solutions. With their help and the bespoke adjustments they made to SF, we now have a CRM which is an enormous improvement on our old system and much more tailored to our business needs. Glenn Hamilton, LGBR Capital

How we can continue to help LGBR Capital in the future

We hope to work with LGBR Capital again as there are a few added benefits that could allow them even more freedom and personalisation.

Custom or bespoke pages could be added in the future to allow access to more information in one place to improve user efficiency.

Salesforce is constantly updating and future releases could lead to faster and more effective processes for the company that we could provide educated support for.

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