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What is Slack?

By now we all know communication in a business is incredibly important, although sometimes it isn’t always easy to be able to catch up with everyone you need to, with all your busy schedules. This is where Slack comes in. Giving you the freedom to have one to one messaging, as well as group conversations you are able to keep everyone updated, even if you’re unable to get together. Users can even utilise the video chatting function for those times when you need a more personal approach but are unable to meet face to face.

Why is it different?

More than just a messaging app, Slack Apps allow you to take your communication further across a large range of channels, such as Google Drive, Trello and Salesforce. You are also able to use bots to create reminders, organise messages and inform responses. Although there is a lot already available, to personalise and gain the most out of using the product, users are able to build custom apps in Salesforce to ensure full efficiency for your needs.

Slack for different devises

How does it work with Salesforce?

There are two ways of connecting the two products, either the Salesforce app from Slack or the Slack app from Salesforce. These two connectors have slightly different use cases so it may be worth connecting from both platforms.

Display info about accounts
Display info about opportunities
Display info about leads
Display info about contacts

Salesforce App

The Salesforce app from Slack allows users to use a Slash Command in order to search for Salesforce details. (see here for a list of available Slash Commands) Users can simply type /salesforce in order to search contacts and accounts for what they would like to talk about fast. The top three records that match your search will be presented back to you, where you are able to share the information with whomever you see fit. You are also able to share Leads, Accounts, Opportunities and Contacts with members in Slack by pasting Salesforce links into the chat. To gain this integration, simply navigate to the Slack App Directory and find the Salesforce page to install. You can also follow this link to take you straight there. After installing you will need to authenticate your Salesforce account and you are ready to start sharing.

Slack App

The other alternative is the Slack app from Salesforce. This allows users to take Salesforce records from Contacts, Leads, Opportunities and Accounts and link them to Slack channels for informed discussions. You can even combine the efforts of both Chatter and Slack to strengthen communication within your team. In Slack using /chatter allows users to send updates from Slack, into Chatter, and vise versa with /slack. To achieve this, head to the Salesforce AppExchange and locate the Slack app. Simply download and you’re ready to start. Or follow this link and click ‘Get It Now’ to start your integration.

If you would like to improve your communication with Slack and Salesforce, simply get in touch to find out how we can help. Why not find out more about Chatter to see true benefits of combining the two messaging platforms here.