So, here we are at the end of my first full week at Silver Softworks. I have spent many hours working through trails, modules, and projects. If you do not know what these are, let me enlighten you. When starting out your journey to understanding Salesforce, learning the platform is essential and so Salesforce themselves have created an awesome tool called Trailhead.

When using Trailhead, you are best to start out with some of the beginner trails which are made up of certain modules and these will allow you to get a strong base of understanding on the Salesforce platform. The way each module works is that they are split up in to sections and on each section there is content to read and interact with and at the end there will be a challenge that will allow you to go over what you have just learnt before you move on to the next section. Salesforce Trailhead

Once you complete an entire module, you earn a badge which in collection with your points can earn you a rank. These ranks are a nice thing to aim for, but the main aim here is to learn the Salesforce platform. So let’s not go too far off the trail… get it? Anyway, without Trailhead, learning Salesforce would be exceptionally difficult and this is why I have spent a lot of time learning what I can and achieving 64 badges, so very close to the top rank!

Salesforce Administrator Certification

Alongside trailblazing, I have been preparing for my first certification, my Salesforce Administrator certification. I have used multiple different resources to practice for this certification and I shall link those at the bottom of this post if you are following me on my journey and wishing to get the same certification or at least some basic salesforce knowledge.


As part of my journey here at Silver Softworks I have been assigned a mentor, Thomas Packer, to help me get up to speed. Thomas started at Silver Softworks one year ago and went on a similar journey himself (graduate to certified consultant). Having daily catch ups with Thomas is helping me stay on track and extracting information from his brain is a huge help.

Silver Softworks

Also from my first full week, I have managed to pick up a little more about how we work here at Silver Softworks, I am doing whatever I can to be able to jump in to the workflow when I am ready to do so without too much of a shock.

Salesforce World Tour

The Salesforce World Tour is the talk of the office at the moment this week. Myself and the rest of the team will all be attending, and I’m excited to see what it’s all about.

So this will conclude this week’s blog post. I hope you are enjoying what you read because I am enjoying telling you all about my journey to becoming a certified Salesforce developer and how I grow within Silver Softworks. Once again, stay tuned for next week’s instalment of my journey to find out the awesome things to come!

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If you would like to see how you can gain a fully qualified Salesforce Administrator for your team, head to our support page.

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