The Salesforce Winter ‘19 release has seen a number of interesting updates and new features. One of the most anticipated of which will be the pilot version of the new Salesforce Einstein Voice. Parker Harris, Co-Founder and CTO, Salesforce boasted “Einstein Voice will usher in a new era of conversational CRM, delivering new levels of productivity and redefining customer experiences with voice technology.”
Salesforce Einstein Voice Speaking
Einstein Voice will actually be a two part pilot release, the first being the Einstein Voice Assistant (EVA). EVA will allow users to update Salesforce from the mobile app by speaking the events they wish to record into the mic. You will be able to use EVA to update information and carry out actions without having to manually input anything. The idea behind this feature is to streamline the process for those busy sales reps or employees constantly in and out of meetings. Instead of having to spend the time to then record new instances after they occur, the product will give you the ability to record them as soon as you want in a much faster manner.
Salesforce Einstein Voice daily briefing
Salesforce Einstein Voice Assistant will also allow users to compose daily voice briefings meaning others will be able to receive audio of any necessary rundowns or important information without having to spend longer reading it. This will also improve efficiency due to the ability to listen in from any location, meaning no one is left out of the loop. Sometimes it can be difficult to show urgency in writing, whereas personalised briefings allow for tone of voice and can provide a better understanding to listeners.
Salesforce Einstein Voice Analysis
EVA will also mean Salesforce dashboards will become more interactive. It appears everything will work the same, however you will have the ability to speak everything you once used text for. This will be incredibly helpful during meetings, as users will not need to stop and manually make changes they can simply tell Einstein Voice Assistant to do it for them.
Salesforce Einstein Voice Learning
Voice command is not a new idea, although Salesforce are looking to innovate it with the ability to learn from the user and understand everything from regional dialects, to slang and even acronyms. With the product constantly learning, thanks to the Salesforce Einstein way of thinking, the Einstein Voice should have the ability to be smarter than most versions seen previous. The Voice Assistant is even said to understand tasks and timings, such as ‘schedule that for next week’ meaning users are able to speed up simple processes that once took up unnecessary amounts of time each day.
Salesforce Einstein Voice bot
The second section in the release will sadly not be until the Summer 2019 update, where Salesforce will debut their new Einstein Voice Bot (EVB). Whereas EVA is more for those who just want to get straight on and use the assistant, the Einstein Voice Bot will be more aimed at those who prefer to build their own assistant. The bots are said to be entirely customisable using salesforce existing data, meaning you are able to create personalised results for the data you have already sorted and stored.
Salesforce Einstein Voice chat  bot
Salesforce Einstein Bot is said to be able to understand requests and voice commands in order to be the first point of call to customers. The bot should try to resolve queries presented to it in order to help users eliminate unnecessary time lost, dealing with simple fixes.
Salesforce Einstein Voice Amazon Alexa
The Einstein Bots are also compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assist. This will allow users to engage with the Salesforce Einstein Bots at any point most suitable to them. This could mean customers with busy schedules are now able to engage with your company, whereas they may not of had a chance previous.
Salesforce Einstein Voice Bot demo

As of yet, there is no official release date for when either product will become available for general use. In the meantime check out this short demo video Salesforce has released to show the features and use cases.

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