My First Salesforce World Tour

June 29th marked my first opportunity to attend the Salesforce World Tour – London, and to say it was wild would be an understatement! After a tense few days trying to make sure our team’s merch arrived on time, the train journey into central London was a welcome hour of serenity, and I found comfort in spotting those little blue clouds on clothing and backpacks, knowing I was at least heading to the right city.

The journey had been incredibly calm until I got to the Elizabeth Line and realised every other person going to the World Tour had chosen that line too.

But wait wait wait, I’m getting ahead of myself – first, let’s cover the basics:

What is the World Tour?

The Salesforce World Tour is a collection of events held across the globe, a showcase for Salesforce and its partners, and a great learning opportunity for anyone interested in hearing about the latest Salesforce news and developments across the platform.

It’s also the perfect opportunity for potential or current Salesforce customers to chat to third-party apps, implementation partners and Salesforce reps themselves about your ideas, goals and current situation.

For me, I was all about the talks, eagerly scampering from arena to arena ready to grab a set of headphones and dial into the next talk.

What is the World Tour like?

It’s huge! Taking up a number of sections at the ExCel Arena, I’d already hit my steps goal for the day before even getting inside the exhibit (perhaps more of a comment on my current level of fitness, but I’ll leave that one there).

This year the event sold out with over 13,000 delegates – so as you can imagine, it was pretty busy! But something I was immediately impressed by was how well-organised everything was. I never found myself waiting to get into a talk for more than a minute or so, I didn’t even have to wait to grab a coffee, and any queues I did find myself in always kept moving…

There were refreshments in abundance, competitions to enter and prizes to win. And of course, everything was packaged in that iconic Salesforce branding that is so recognisable.

There were dozens of talks available throughout the day, so you have to be sharp in organising yourself and your time, planning which talks you’d like to hear and the logistics of moving between stages on time.

But you know, after the last few years of covid and sheltering and generally avoiding other people – I really enjoyed the game of finding my way through the masses, ducking and diving to my next port-of-call.

What do you get out of the World Tour?

Lots of learning! For me, I found myself upping my Salesforce knowledge exponentially whilst being inspired by the case studies that framed that knowledge. In fact, I kept blabbering on to my colleagues, post-event, about one particular talk well beyond the limits of social tolerance and acceptance.

I suppose the real answer is you’ll get out as much as you put in. The potential for networking, learning, buying, winning, enjoying, and experiencing is massive! So if you show up with a clear set of goals in mind, and the nerve or determination to commit to those goals – you’ll achieve them. And you’ll have a pretty good time while doing so too. 

Anyway, if you’re considering going to the World Tour next year – give it a go, why not? I’ll be back for sure.

Maybe see you there!