We’ve been promoted to Salesforce Gold Partner

(or Crest Partner, to use the new lingo)

Salesforce Gold Partner

We’re really happy to announce that as of December 1st, 2021, Silver Softworks have been promoted to the next tier of partnership with Salesforce – Crest Tier, formerly known as Gold Tier.


What does this mean?

We’ve been a partner of Salesforce for many years now, working closely with them to deliver more than 350 successful projects for over 250 customers to date.

Salesforce measure and tier their partners based on several metrics, but at a high level, they include:

  1. Customer Success – are partners consistently delivering successful Salesforce implementations, primarily based on customer feedback.
  2. Growth – are partners growing their business
  3. Expertise – the number of Salesforce specific certifications and other qualifications within the business
  4. Leadership – Salesforce partners are expected the lead the way with some of Salesforce’s own core concepts, such as equality and diversity

It’s been a big year here at Silver Softworks, and it’s great to be officially recognised by Salesforce for all of the good work that we’ve been doing across these key areas.


What does this mean for Salesforce customers?

Our promotion into the Gold (sorry, Crest!) tier solidifies our status as a premium, go-to partner for Salesforce support and expertise within the UK and the rest of EMEA.


And finally some thanks…

We’d just like to take the opportunity to say thanks to everybody who has worked with us on our journey so far – our customers, our hard working team, and of course, our partners at Salesforce.

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