As of March 2018, Salesforce signed an agreement to acquire the Mulesoft enterprise for a sum of $6.5 billion. With that cost, Salesforce owns one of the leading application building platforms to enhance their existing empire. It also means Salesforce now own the over 1,200 big name client base Mulesoft currently showcases, with names such as Unilever and Coca-Cola, it is easy to see where the value relates. The prediction for the official completion date however, is not until July 2019.

What is Mulesoft?

The idea behind Mulesoft was to provide a way of creating system API’s to be able to use multiple softwares on one main platform. Mulesoft allows you to merge results from these different softwares to easily cross analyse data. Mulesoft adds an engagement element to platforms to be able to bring all business sectors previously split between different companies together, saving you time and reducing errors. The product provides you with the tools to simplify your efforts and create an all in one timesaving single combination platform to improve productivity.

Mulesoft and Salesforce

How will it work with Salesforce?

With the addition of Mulesoft, Salesforce is creating an entirely new platform, soon to be known as the ‘Integration Cloud’. The platform will allow users to access data from anywhere (Salesforce or otherwise) and develop a view of every aspect. You will be able to utilise Mulesoft technology to inform your Salesforce choices due to having access to all other platforms you may use alongside. Developing a full understanding of customers interaction and data collection points will mean you are then able to create more informed decisions when creating personalised content or experiences.

Look out for more updates at a later date, when this integration comes into effect. In the meantime, why not find out how this platform could help you in the future and what we can help you with now. Simply get in touch here.