The Salesforce winter ‘19 release will see an array of new and exciting updates and features. We at Silver Softworks wanted to give you the rundown of our favourites to look out for! We’ve sorted through the release notes (all 518 pages) to bring you 10 of the best. If you would like to have a look for yourself, the PDF can be found here.

Email opens

In this new update, you are able to get an all new insight into how your emails are fairing with your customers. Users can now get specific ‘First Opened’ and ‘Last Opened’ timings displayed for each customer, in order to see whether or not your emails are being not only received, but read. This is very helpful if you are trying to pinpoint what types of customers open which emails, as well as determine best time frames to send them.
Salesforce Email opens

Quick Search

Using Global search is incredibly helpful when you need to search everything in one go, however sometimes it can be a nuisance when you just want to find Dashboards and Reports fast. This is where Salesforce’s new quick search tool comes in. Users are now able to search for specifics in their related areas, cutting out a lot of time spent having to sort through results for area’s you are looking for, as well as search for specific attributes. As an example, users could type in the term ‘own’ into the new search bar in ‘Public Reports’, bringing back the top 20 results within that criteria ready for them, saving time and minimising errors caused by missing off important attributes.
Salesforce Quick Search

Real time reports in Social Studio

Users are now able to keep track of any important social updates by setting up alerts to trigger when specific keywords or phrases linked to your marketing and social campaigns are accessed. This allows users to never miss out again, receiving the information they need in PDF form straight to them when an event occurs, rather than having to check manually and possibly finding results that could have been helpful at the time.
Social Studio Real time reports

Display Density

Salesforce have now made their platform even more user friendly, providing different view types to create a more comfortable experience. Users can change their standard view to a compact option, allowing for 30% more fields to be displayed on one page for easier comparison. Or a comfy option, moving labels to the tops of fields, allowing for a more spread out variant when users prefer more white space to help separate fields. Both views are helpful in different scenarios so having the choice allows for a more complete user experience.
Salesforce Compact view
Salesforce Comfy View
Salesforce CPQ logo

CPQ subscriptions without end dates

You’ve been creating contract renewals and updates using CPQ for a while now, but up until now everything has had to be renewed up to a certain point and then stopped. With the new update however, you are now able to access ‘Evergreen Subscriptions’ meaning users can create lifelong subscriptions with no end dates. This is incredibly useful for those loyal members that you don’t want to let go of, customers such as gym members or lifelong club members would really benefit from this new addition.

Quip logo

Removal of Quip’s gender pronouns

Inclusivity is a very important attribute that should be considered in order to remain inoffensive, particularly in the workplace and when liaising with customers. Salesforce knows this and as a result has now removed all gender pronouns from the Quip sign up as well as content and notifications. This allows for full inclusivity and a more comfortable experience.
Salesforce Passwordless login

Passwordless login

Sometimes external users can need access to certain password protected attributes, but passwords should be an incredibly private thing and not sharable, this is why passwordless login exists. Up until now, to achieve high levels of security without a password was only possible with code, but with Salesforce Winter ‘19 this is now accessible with simple clicks. Users are able to enter their name and mobile number to receive an authorisation code in a text message in order to speed up processes. This is a very useful tool for those on the move, particularly using mobile devices, eliminating the need to create an entire new profile, which often requires a lot of time consuming stages.

Enhanced Community Cloud audience targeting

Defining your audience is always a great place to start when creating dynamic content or making certain decisions as to who to target. Previously only the ‘and’ function was an option to choose audience criteria. With the new update however, users can now gain the freedom of the ‘or’ function to further define attributes and ensure they are targeting the correct people. The update also includes operations such as ‘does not contain’, ‘does not equal’, ‘equals’ and ‘contains’, to ensure users have all the help they need to define audiences effectively.
Salesforce audience targeting

Quip’s document version history

When there are multiple contributors to a document it can be difficult to keep track sometimes and important information on a previous version, could be forgotten on the latest. Luckily, Quip now allows users access to the entire history of a document meaning changes can be reverted, or older versions can be reviewed to reduce mistakes from missed information. This allows users complete freedom and eliminates the fear of losing any important documents.
Quip document history

Einstein’s mobile push notifications

Einstein Analytics has added a new feature, allowing users to set up push notifications, meaning they never miss out on important progresses. You are now able to define notifications based on selected filters and when criteria is met, a notification will be sent via the mobile app, where users can stay informed from wherever they are and make updates based on results. This is a very useful update for those users constantly on the move, who may not have the time to check up on events as often as they would like.
Salesforce Einstein mobile push notifications

If you would like to know more about how the new update can benefit you and your business, please get in touch. Find out more about the different platforms these update belong to by looking at some more posts from our Salesforce blog.