Tim Johnson-Reynolds 

Meet Tim, our new Senior Functional Salesforce Consultant:

I enjoy spending time outdoors with my family. We often look for opportunities to go for a walk, or get down to the beach.  In general I love to keep fit and I have been putting forth effort to get back into the habit over the last few weeks. I usually get up at 7am and straight into my cabin to do a 25 – 45 min workout before getting ready for work. An important part of my life is my faith. I am one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and in my spare time I am heavily involved in our meetings and other activities each week.

Sadly enough one of my hobbies is learning more about Salesforce. Often in the evening I’ll be caught out by my family on Trailhead or reading an article related to Salesforce. I have a genuine bug for the platform and the eco-system.

I have lead many projects working directly with and overseeing delivery partners. This includes Salesforce CPQ and Field Service Lightning. More recently in BT we had a large pool of offshore consultants to help deliver the extensive pipeline of changes.  I first came into contact with Salesforce in a company called Henry Schein where I worked in their Equipment Sales and Service business unit. I worked heavily on CPQ and the lead to order processes ensuring automation where possible and working to reduce admin time for sales users. The makeup of our products was very complicated and we fully utilised the capabilities of CPQ. Later with Henry Schein I was acting as the business architect to implement FSL for our service division. I worked very closely with our delivery partner to implement FSL and assisted with the design and build. 

During my time at BT I led a delivery and support team of 6 and by extension over 20 offshore resources that they manage. We supported 3 Salesforce orgs, the largest of which had over 4,500 users. We also supported a number of CPQ platforms including Salesforce CPQ. As you can imagine, the volume of change and support requests were large. I worked with the team to improve the delivery and support processes, governance and to instill best practices. During the first 9 months of my time there we improved support response times by over 450%.

I am certified in the following Salesforce products:

  • Salesforce Administrator
  • Platform App Builder
  • Platform Developer 1
  • Sales Cloud Consultant
  • Service Cloud Consult
  • Field Service Consultant
  • CPQ Specialist

Currently, I am working on a project to assist a client to go from a mainly manual and paper based process to building a new business process in salesforce. It’s going to be exciting to see the transformation this will bring to the business. I’ll soon be embarking on a CPQ project over the next few weeks and am looking forward to being involved in the discovery. I think discoveries are really interesting as at an early stage you can see how much of a difference Salesforce can bring to an organisation when looking at the challenges they face and the opportunities salesforce opens up. 

Up until now I’ve been involved with large end user environments and working heavily with delivery partners. I bring with me the understanding of what end user businesses need from a delivery partner, and also experience of my own frustrations I have had with other delivery partners. I intend to take this experience to ensure I approach things differently. I have a keen understanding of the challenges organisations face, and the complexities these sorts of transformations bring. 

Over time I have built up a wealth of Salesforce experience, and I love to share this knowledge. I am a firm believer in keeping things simple. I am happy to talk in technical and business terms, but my preference is if something can be explained in plain English then it should because I am a problem solver. I love to investigate difficult technical problems and I am relentless in finding solutions.

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