Health Check your Salesforce Platform so that your Business can Grow.

Could a Salesforce Health Check get your business back on track with their CRM system?

Most Salesforce customers understand that Salesforce is an agile platform, capable of keeping up with even the most dynamic businesses and will continue to reevaluate and invest in their Salesforce solution as business processes change and pivot.

Unfortunately, we occasionally see customers who are not getting the most from their investment in the platform. If you’re a customer in this frustrating situation, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to turn.

Sure, banging your head against your desk might help, but there is a better way! Why not ask a team of professionals to undertake an audit of your Salesforce system, or as it’s known in the industry, perform a “Salesforce Health Check”?

Why Might I Need A Salesforce Health Check?

There are many reasons why an audit of your Salesforce system might be in order. A few examples that we often see are:

1) I suspect that Salesforce was not implemented correctly

Perhaps Salesforce was originally implemented by somebody who did not have the correct skillset, and the system is not functioning as expected. Alternatively, perhaps the system was implemented correctly ten years ago, but the business has moved on since then. A health check can ensure that best practices have been adhered to and catch ticking time bombs before they explode.

2) I’ve joined a new business and am now responsible for their Salesforce instance

It’s not uncommon for a new Salesforce Administrator to start in a business with very little context, documentation, or knowledge of the incumbent Salesforce system. Or perhaps managing Salesforce wasn’t in your original job description but low and behold, now lies at your feet. A health check can be a great way to quickly get an expert view on the current state of the system.

3) Low system adoption within a business

There are many reasons why Salesforce adoption can be poor within a business, and we see this frequently where the system has been set up incorrectly, or where the system has been in place for a long time and grown stale due to lack of ownership. It’s not always obvious why users are reluctant to adopt the system, especially if it appears to have been set up correctly.

P.S. – If you’re having issues with adoption, why not download our free e-book Seven Tips for Successful Salesforce Adoption.

4) Our business processes have changed, and the system is no longer aligned with the way that we work

Business processes change frequently, and with the best will in the world, sometimes software applications are not kept in line with the current way of doing things. A Salesforce Health Check can be a great way to understand the gaps between the system and your processes.

What is typically involved in a Salesforce Health Check?

The agenda for the health check is agreed with you in advance to ensure that it meets your needs, but some common components of a Salesforce Health Check include:

  • Stakeholder Workshop(s) so that we can understand the intended business processes and current frustrations if any exist
  • Technical Analysis so we can understand how the system has been configured, check whether it adheres to best practices, and notify you of any red flags or technical concerns
  • Salesforce Limits Analysis so that you can be confident that you won’t hit any governor or data limits anytime soon
  • Code Review if you have Apex code or other custom development in your Salesforce instance. We’ll not only give you an idea on the quality of the code but also let you know what it’s doing if you’re unsure!
  • A Findings Report so that you have a written record of our findings and recommendations

What are the benefits of undertaking a Salesforce Health Check?

Fully Optimise Your Salesforce Org

Like any software application, a poor setup can lead to poor system performance. We’ll let you know where the bottlenecks are and how to fix them

Increased User Adoption

It’s not all about the technical jargon. Even the most finely tuned Salesforce machine can suffer from poor uptake within a business and we often find that the cause has nothing to do with the technical setup of the system. We’ll highlight any obvious adoption blockers that we find and recommend some fixes 

Long Term Vision

It’s great to understand where we are now, but what about the future? As part of the health check, we’ll consider any future business requirements and your long term roadmap in order to recommend any products or services that we feel might be of interest.

Sounds great? Here’s how to get started.

Health checks come in all shapes and sizes, so the best way to get the ball rolling is for us to have a quick chat so that we can understand your situation and propose the right solution.

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