What is a Salesforce Partner?

A Salesforce Partner is a company that works in collaboration with Salesforce to provide services related to Salesforce implementation, customisation, integration, and support.

Salesforce Partner companies understand Salesforce technology and tools in extreme detail, meaning they are in the perfect position to help optimise a customer’s Salesforce instance for their specific business operation.

What does a Salesforce Partner offer?

Well, as we’ve mentioned, partners typically offer implementation, customisation, and support services, but they also may provide consultation, configuration, data migration, and training services. Salesforce Partners work closely with customers to understand their specific business requirements, and the difficulties they face operationally, and then work to develop an optimised solution using Salesforce technology.

Basically, Salesforce Partners offer their Salesforce expertise to make sure you get the most out of your Salesforce purchase.

What makes for a good Salesforce Partner?

Salesforce Partners are categorised into different tiers or levels based on their expertise, experience and scale. These levels used to be labelled Registered, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, today they are known as Base, Ridge, Crest, and Summit (Silver Softworks has achieved Platinum/ Summit, just FYI).

These tiers reflect the confidence Salesforce has in individual partnerships and that partner company’s overall levels of certification, experience and success.

So, do I need a Salesforce Partner?

Probably! By working with a Salesforce Partner, you can benefit from their specialised knowledge, expertise and best practices in Salesforce technology, implementation and management. By working together, you can help streamline your business processes effectively, whilst getting the most out of the Salesforce technology you’ve invested in.

So in short – we think it’s a pretty good idea!

Just remember, not all Salesforce Partners are made equal. Some will specialise by industry, others by size of customer business, others by scale of project. Make sure you do your homework, and use the Salesforce tier system to help inform your decision.

Here are a few things you might want to consider:

  • What is the Salesforce Partner’s tier ranking?
  • What are their specialisms (if any)?
  • Where are they based?
  • What is their successful delivery record?
  • How many customers have they worked with before?
  • And how many of them align with your business and its goals?

So, to summarise, it’s important to assess your organisation’s situation, its needs, its difficulties, and its current resources. Then you should look for a Salesforce Partner that is a good fit for you and your business. You may want to check their ranking in the Salesforce tier system, understand their project history or specialisms, or simply have a chat with them to see if your personalities gel!

You’ll be working closely together throughout the project and potentially long term if you decide to take on continued support. So finding the right Salesforce Partner is a must! And when you do, you’ll find their expert knowledge and technical skill invaluable to the growth and success of your business.

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