Hello, my name is Luke and this is my story…

It all began when I was working on my final year project and a friend mentioned to me that they were looking for a job, bearing in mind that we still had a few months of our degree left. This really got me thinking about what I was going to do after my degree, then, quickly after, I realised I needed to start looking before there were no jobs left. Don’t get me wrong, I was probably extremely over exaggerating the idea of no jobs, but I didn’t want to be left without a job after my degree!

So I went on to clean up my CV and I put it on to a multitude of job sites. This lead to many phone calls and emails from recruiters trying to place me here there and everywhere, up and down the country. I took every opportunity I could for interview experience at least. I went through many phone interviews, Skype interviews and face to face interviews to be told I was not experienced enough due to the fact I was a graduate.

This then allowed me to have an interview with Chris at Silver Softworks where he was far more understanding that I was a graduate looking for a Junior role and willing to learn. He was willing to take on a graduate and give them the time and patience to pickup the skills needed for a platform called Salesforce, which before speaking with Chris, I had no knowledge of it’s existence.

I was then called in to the office for a face to face interview with Chris and his colleague Nick, which to be honest, I was not so nervous about as I had all the previous interview experience, but considering all of the previous outcomes, I had my worries about lack of experience once again being the outcome. Thankfully Chris and Nick loved my energy and how I portrayed myself, they knew what they wanted and I happily filled that gap.

So that is how my story begins. My first job in a startup, working with an incredible team with plenty of studying and work to do for the foreseeable future. Stay tuned every Friday for the next 4 posts on my journey to starting out my Salesforce career and how things pan out whilst working at Silver Softworks.

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Silver Softworks is one of the fastest growing Salesforce partners in the UK. We are known for our deep experience in delivering critical growth business solutions built on the Salesforce platform.  With years of experience and knowledge across multiple verticals and size of business, Silver Softworks was founded on the premise of a client and employee first mentality.  We love what we do and we love sharing our knowledge and experience with the next wave of Salesforce consultants of which Luke is a prime candidate and we are very pleased to have him.

Our deliberate choice to focus our operations and efforts on the Emerging Small Business (ESB) and Small/Medium Business (SMB) sectors continues to drive our passion for innovating across the Salesforce platform and finding solutions for companies much like our own. Our team have many years’ business and Salesforce experience working for some of the UK’s most recognisable brand names. We have delivered some of the UK’s most complex solutions on the Salesforce platform to date. Don’t just take our word for it though, see what our customers say.