Community Cloud is not only optimised towards employees and customers, but the platform also features the tools to create partner communities for enhanced collaborations. Partner communities provide the ability to create interactive, real-time and personalised sites to establish connections and communications between partners.

Use the Files Connect feature to integrate third-party resources into Salesforce and your partner community for fully flexible working practices. Share files from Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive and more for more accessible communications between partners all on one platform. Connecting files allows for more straightforward collaborations as everyone has access to the information and resources they need, and when they need them.

Utilise Salesforce elements within your partner community to encourage cooperative selling between partners

Salesforce Partner Community

You can allow and disallow the use of opportunity management, campaigns, leads and more dependent on relevance to provide a clearer view.

Building practical relationships with partners is vital to ensuring effective collaborations and selling efforts. Community Cloud for partners allows:

  • a full view from start to finish to ensure all parties understand the progression of the process, with all resources needed;
  • it provides information for quality onboarding, so new employees aren’t left floundering; and
  • full lead and opportunity management functionality to help your partners close deals.

The Partner Community is Particularly Helpful for Expansion Efforts 

These capabilities allow users to create fully integrated practices using the platforms they are already familiar and comfortable with. With the addition of other Salesforce products, users can enhance the partner community to be fully customisable and manipulate the tools in a way best suited to their needs.


Salesforce Partner Community Feed

The Partner Community is Particularly Helpful for Expansion Efforts

By using the out of the box tool lead distribution, explicitly created for partner communities, partners can identify leads that could potentially be worth pursuing. However, if these leads fall out of a certain area, they can be easily used to combine efforts with another partner who can pick it up more locally. In turn, this encourages a wider distribution area and possibly even allow for multinational efforts to:


  • Define goals and track partner processes to see the effects of efforts in the partner community.
  • Encourage more partner participation by using the partner community to simplify workings and prove results.

If you would like to know more about Community Cloud and other community types, see more posts here. Alternatively, get in touch with a member of our team here to see how you can create your communities.