Communicating and interacting with employees is a very important practice to ensure the smooth running of the company. It can sometimes be difficult to arrange certain meetings or remember all points from face-to-face interactions. Community Cloud has targeted their efforts towards finding solutions to employee communication areas and provide help from the beginning of interactions at the onboarding stage and onwards.

Community Cloud takes all the benefits of Salesforce Chatter to provide an advanced communication tool, with added abilities to share Salesforce resources such as data, reports or relevant files all in real time. As it is a cloud based product you are also able to take the advantages with you via mobile to gain the most out of the platform when and wherever needed. Empowering employees to find solutions and easily combine efforts allows for streamlined and effective collaborative processes that can even be reported on and repeated when needed.

multiple communities

With the ability to create multiple communities dependent on what is needed, companies are able to target and group the most relevant employees in one place for faster and more accurate responses. Being on the Salesforce platform also means you can connect third party apps to your employee community for a fully flexible way of working.

Salesforce Employee Communities

Employee communities are particularly helpful for addressing entire teams with important announcements with the ability to share documents and interact as a full workforce can mean information is spread faster and understood clearer. This could be useful in a number of ways, for example announcing new safety instructions from HR, or provide access to onboarding and training materials for whenever employees need some extra guidance, or as a forum for employees to post queries or helpful information.

Share resources to third parties on Salesforce Communities

Eliminate the need for employees to be spending a lot of time in different areas or third parties to find what they are looking for. Speed up practices by having everything integrated onto one platform to ensure easy navigation and allow employees to find all documentation, information and any other shared resources they may need.

Information to all team members

For those employees working remotely or sales teams out and about, communities become a great way of gaining real time responses to queries or finding information out fast. The whole team can keep in contact and post updates from wherever they need to be in a fast and reliable manner without the need to be at a desk.

Define Goals with Salesforce Communities

Define goals to track to see how areas of progress are improving or need more attention. The employee community can help define employee satisfaction, amount of support case raised, ect, to see how these have changed throughout a time frame.

As you can see, having an employee community can provide a great platform for a combined and educated team. Find out other ways you can use Community Cloud for external areas of business, such as the Customer Community, to see how versatile the platform can be. If you want to find out how Community Cloud can help in your business, simply get in touch.