With so many business sectors able to gain from Salesforce, big or small, anything from legal to retail, it is no surprise that they also cater to the charity and nonprofit sector on Salesforce.org. Being a nonprofit or charity organisation it is sometimes difficult to have the same opportunities as larger for-profit companies, Salesforce.org is here to change that. Check out this short video here to see who what Salesforce.org can help with and keep reading to find out how.

How does Salesforce.org help?

Salesforce.org was developed off of the Salesforce 1-1-1 model. Salesforce invites all of its partners to give back in the form of 1% of its product, time, or resources. Just 1% can make all the difference when done together. So much so, that in the 18 years the 1% pledge has been active, more than 32,000 donations to nonprofits have been given, alongside 2.3 million hours of community service and a huge $168 million in grants has been provided to those in need.
Salesforce.org 1-1-1 model
Salesforce.org provides volunteering programs, grants and above all, technology for tens of thousands of nonprofits and educational institutions. With access to Salesforce, you can continue to give back across a range of platforms assisting you at every stage. You can manage finances, see where donations came from and find out how to further market and share your stories and ideas to continue to grow.
Salesforce volunteering dashboard

Who is it for?

Salesforce.org is split into three main sections to ensure you get the right help for your needs:
Salesforce.org Philanthropy Cloud

Philanthropy Cloud

Philanthropy Cloud is a way of organising and expanding your philanthropic projects, whether you’re a big company, or a small nonprofit you will have the same opportunities to give back.  Philanthropy Cloud is perfect for companies, with the ability to manage grants, assess the impact your corporation is having, track volunteer progress as well as giving campaigns and many other features. On the other hand, if you are a smaller nonprofit, Philanthropy cloud caters to your every need too, from your personal Nonprofit Portal. You can control pledge processing, create and manage content and use Salesforce CRM Integration to have a clear understanding and stay on top of your entire business. Check out the video for more ways Philanthropy Cloud can help here.

Salesforce.org Education Cloud

Education Cloud

Education is an incredibly important business sector and one that needs to be on top of all their students, staff and activities. With Education Cloud you are able to ensure you are gaining the right students and staff by having a full view into what engages them. Once you know what they respond to, you are able to access a number of different ways to communicate and share. You are able to sort in/outgoings into manageable groups such as student accommodation, financial aids, enrolment stages and more. You are able to gain feedback on what is and is not working from lesson structures, to content with students and make improvements. You can track, record and analyse data all in one place for easy review.  Check out the video for more uses and to see Education Cloud in practice here.

Salesforce.org Nonprofit Cloud

Nonprofit Cloud

The newest addition to Salesforce.org is Nonprofit Cloud.The platform can track all of your efforts and present them in real time, allowing you to be up to date with all the impact you are having. You are able to manage fundraising efforts by tracking donations and the donors that provided them. You can access volunteer tracking and events funds. Allowing you to be aware at every stage of the process. Nonprofit Cloud gives its users the freedom to branch out into different channels and platforms to be sure you have every element covered. If there is something else you’re missing that is not already in the out of the box version however, you can access the Nonprofit AppExchange where you can gain access to over 1,700 different partner apps, meaning all those time consuming paperworks you have been struggling with are no longer needed. Take a look at Salesforce.org’s new video on Nonprofit Cloud here to find out more.

As you can see, thanks to Salesforce.org, everyone can now have access to Salesforce products. If you would like to find out more about Salesforce.org and how it can help you to continue to do good, simply get in touch. Why not check out our post on Nonprofit Cloud for a more in depth guide.

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