Quip is a collaboration cloud-based platform with smarter technology. Combining everything needed in one place creates a simple time and cost effective way of getting things done. Combining the ability to access and create documents and spreadsheets on the go with multiple peoples contributions and edits is what defines this platform. This means teams are less frustrated swapping between tools and teamwork can be perfected as everyone on a project can easily work together.

What does Quip do?

Everything is in one place

No more having to switch between tools! You can talk to your colleagues on the chat feature while you edit the spreadsheet in the same area, before emailing a client some details. All while never having to switch platforms.

Quip folders

It’s in the cloud

You may think having all this in one place is going to take up a lot of space and create a lot of files. Luckily, Quip syncs to the cloud, saving everything you create in one place and available to come back to whenever required on any device you see fit.

Live, simultaneous editing

Quip allows multiple people to edit and adapt documents and spreadsheets at the same time, with the results being shown live in any other persons documentation.

Live Editing in Quip

It works great on mobile

With the Quip app you are able to use all the quip features on the go and in a simple user friendly fashion, good for phones and tablets.

Open and flexible platform

Being a Salesforce product means you can seamlessly integrate your salesforce date into Quip for more informed outcomes. You can also automate processes using the Quip API to ensure all the hard work is done for you.

Integrating Salesforce and Quip

Add some personal touches

Quip is not just another boring document generator however, you can add images and colourful highlights to personalise works.

Who uses Quip?

Quip for sales


  • Stay focused on selling no matter where you are.
  • Successful account and territory planning by collaborating and incorporating live Salesforce data
  • Create Mutual success plans by sharing documents internally and externally to create outcomes in real time.
Quip for marketing


  • Improve team communication with the chat feature to share any needed information fast.
  • Successful project planning using Quip docs to showcase budgets, checklists, announcements and more.
  • Simplified content creation for drafting, live editing and gathering feedback on anything from copy on blog posts to emails and press releases.
Quip for events


  • Simplify planning large events by making sure everyone can easily be involved and all budgets and assets are all kept together in one place.
  • Streamlining communications by making sure everyone knows what’s going on and all details are accessible.
  • Real-time troubleshooting to ensure teams are ready for anything on the move with the Quip mobile app.
Quip for Customer Reps

Customer Reps

  • Easily create templates with ‘ready-to-fill-in’ sections that can be sent to customers to generate helpful data.
  • Collaborate externally by sharing documents and information faster than email chains as the responses are live.
  • Centralising work meaning the team can collaborate together with the customer in a single Quip document to efficiently meet their needs.
Quip for Engineers and product teams

Engineers and Product Teams

  • Create product roadmaps to have easy access to anchor links, date reminders, checklists and much more.
  • Practice technical integrations by building chat rooms around integration using tools such as GitHub, or even Jenkins to track build status’.
  • Design documents to organise ideas of products, code samples, goals and more. Then receive colleagues feedback and suggestions to avoid mistakes.

If you’re still not quite sure what Quip can do, check out this helpful video, or if you would like to talk to someone regarding Quip, get in touch with our experienced team. Why not take a look at some other products that seamlessly intergrate with Salesforce, such as Slack, Olark, GetFeedback and more.