All things come to an end, and the same can be said of COVID-19. While it currently holds us in its grasp, rest assured, businesses will come out the other side. When they do, they’ll focus on the “new normal”. 

Recuperation and rebuilding may be necessary, but once this initial phase is over, it’s back to a state of normality. 

We’ve all learned a lot, so far, from having to work remotely. One of the biggest takeaways has been how communication takes on a new level of importance. Unless you’ve been used to open office spaces where everyone can communicate with ease, you may have felt these challenges before; but being at home has given it a new level of distance. At times like this, excellent communication has seen businesses fly; poor communication has seen them fall. 

Another thing we’ve learned is that those who are willing to take on new sales initiatives or try new techniques to sell or advertise their services have prospered—especially those who have put themselves out there to make a difference during this time. 

It has been a time where there have been extra pressure on CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools to provide and excel.

There’s already been a lot of success stories at the hands of Salesforce

Salesforce’s strength is its ability to fit around business needs. Some businesses have been making use of it in some fantastic and inspiring ways. 

Easy Set Up Of Donation Initiatives

RG Barry made use of the Commerce Cloud to set up a new “buy one, get one” initiative with one of their slipper products. The initiative saw that for every pair purchased, a pair would be donated to healthcare workers. Their use of two channels enabled data collection for both the shoppers and their donations, and healthcare workers to sign up and receive their slippers. This fantastic initiative is sure to have seen plenty of people in more comfortable loungewear. 

A Quick and Profitable Transition to Digital & Remote Work

Moving to digital quickly and effectively has been a challenge for plenty of businesses. Not so much TuffShed who were able to transition 185 salespeople to work from home in just 24 hours while still being able to keep customers notified on their order status. Incredible effort, organisation and management alongside Sales Cloud, CPQ and the Marketing Cloud made this possible. These integrations enabled TuffShield to do an incredible job, with their team reporting a 30% weekly sales increase. 

Staying Connected During the Pandemic

Everton Football Club is making use of the Marketing Cloud to stay in contact and send personalised messages to their fans. They were even able to identify season ticket holders over the age of seventy and support them with grocery shopping, prescription pickups and other necessities that they otherwise could have been a struggle; admirable. 

There are plenty of incredible Salesforce success stories, and if you’re interested in hearing more, you can find them at the link. 

Salesforce has plenty to offer the post coronavirus world

Once we see the other side of the virus, the likelihood of businesses being caught out by digital transformation, or being in a space where they are underutilising data is far less likely. We’ll have been through this as a collective, and the businesses that survive will have done a brilliant job at adapting. 

It will be a time where not having operations and systems in place if a crisis comes calling, or for making business operations more streamlined and effective will be seen as more ludicrous than ever before. 

The best businesses will be making good use of their CRM platforms, and Salesforce will continue to offer some of the best features on the market. If what companies have achieved during this crisis is anything to go by, the possibilities are vast. 

If it’s time to make a positive change to your business operations and communications, we’re on hand to help

There’s nothing worse than trying to tackle new software alone. And there are a lot of opportunities that might not seem immediately apparent that could make all the difference. Being Silver Partners with Salesforce has taught us many ways in creating the best interface for you. Make your sales process manageable and tailored to your business. We’re here to help if a post coronavirus world is one where your business is looking to embrace something new, contact us today.