There’s often a big debate about whether to hire or outsource your Salesforce Admin. Some people argue you won’t be able to gain the same personal experience without having an internal resource, however hireable Admins are very difficult to find and are not a cheap option. If you shop around and find the right fit for you, the same personability can be achieved by outsourcing, often at a much lower expense. To help you decide which is best for you, take a look at these benefits of outsourcing a Salesforce Admin:

Low cost

Qualifications and experience often at a lower cost than hiring

According to Mason Frank’s 2018/2019 Salary Survey, employing a Salesforce Admin can set you back on average upwards of £32,542 – £55,547 dependent on experience. They are not cheap resources if you bring them onboard, that is if you can even find them in the first place as they are also not easy to come across. Outsourcing on the other hand, is often a much cheaper option as there are a range of options for just how much time you need, such as purchasing Admin hours, or rolling monthly contracts.

The main advantage cost wise is how much experience you can get for your money. Outsourcing will mean you are able to harness the skills of a certified specialist, without having to pay for a member of the team to be trained up or pay through the roof to employ an individual with them. Many outsourcing options will be consultancy based, meaning you are able to gain the skills of a full team rather than being limited by the experience of just one employee. This means you can essentially have a full certified team as a resource, for often less money than hiring a full time employee.

Hiring and CV's

No need to do the hiring process

Sometimes hiring an individual can be a lot more time and money than you can even afford to spare at the time. With recruiters and CV’s and interviews to deal with it can take a lot of time to hire a team member. Once you have found the right fit and gone through all of that, you then have to deal with the onboarding and upskilling process of a new starter. Alternatively, outsourcing eliminates this whole process and leaves you with an external member of the team who can start straight away and works to make your working day easier without the hassle as they will only be called upon when needed.

High turn over for hired staff

Turn over for hired Admins is high

As Salesforce Admins are a very desirable resource, it can be difficult to hold onto one (if you can find them in the first place!). The role is always in high demand and the turnover is very frequent. If you have gone through all the trouble or hiring the right fit, be warned it will mostly turn out to be a temporary position. An outsourced Admin is usually already working with a range of companies so there is no fear of them heading off elsewhere.


Multiple people for the price of one (consultancy)

Outsourcing to a consultancy often means hiring the help of the whole team and not just one person. This means you’re not limited by the abilities and experience of any individual employee. Consultancies also often allow for the purchase of Admin time, meaning you can save money by determining the amount of help you need and not just making work to fill a full time role.

If you have decided that outsourcing is the best option for you and your business or if you would like to find out about our options for outsourcing a Salesforce Admin, including our MyAdmin package, check out the support page.