Whether you are new to Salesforce Community Cloud, or just brushing up on your knowledge, find out the answers to the top 5 questions you may have here.

1. What is Community Cloud?

Salesforce Community Cloud is an online social platform that gives companies the power to connect employees, customers, and partners. This connections allows for a strong cohesion between all parties allowing them to share data and records, and collaborate to achieve a common goal. With the power of Communities your customer data, records, and files can also be shared from anywhere and on any mobile device.

Community Cloud also offers the ability to streamline business processes across different sectors of a business and out to both customers and partners. This means that with Salesforce Communities, everyone in your business ecosystem can service customers with greater efficiency.

2. What can be achieved with Community Cloud?

Communities can be used to provide your customers and partners with a richer, smoother service by allowing them to find information on your business, products, or services online. Users of your Salesforce Community will also be able to collaborate online in order to assist one another. Salesforce Communities are all about connections. Giving your employees, customers, and partners the power to collaborate over a Salesforce Community gives your business the power to accelerate deals and allows your employees to tackle business business from anywhere with ease.

Since Community Cloud is built directly on the Salesforce platform, third party systems and data can be easily integrated to add more dimensions to your Communities.

3. How can I customise my community to suit my business?

Salesforce Communities can be easily customised by almost any user with basic platform knowledge. The community can be branded and styled at any point within its lifecycle using a very simple, yet very powerful, templating engine provided by Salesforce. This allows communities to be designed, configured, and maintained straight out of the box with ease and without any programming knowledge whatsoever! The customisations don’t stop there. Communities can be developed further using the Lightning Community builder which give users the power to take a community template and completely change its look and feel. Again, with this option no coding or development knowledge is required!

If the standard community templates don’t quite meet your business needs, the Lightning Community Builder can be used to build bespoke communities utilising visualforce. This option does however require development knowledge. If it is something you or your company are interested in then get in touch – We will be happy to hear out your needs and see where we can help!

4. Are Communities mobile responsive?

Absolutely! Any community built and configured using templates and the Lightning Community Builder will be mobile responsive out of the box. The templates have been optimised to provide the your users with a rich and enjoyable experience accessible on any mobile device. If a bespoke solution is on the cards Salesforce offers a series of libraries for developers to utilise in order to create the same responsive experiences similar to that of the templates.

5. Is Community Cloud secure?

A simple question with an even simpler answer. Yes! Since Community Cloud is built directly on the Salesforce1 platform you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure. The nature of the Salesforce platform architecture is highly flexible and robust and is relied on heavily by businesses all around the world offering the highest level of security and administration over data.

Salesforce displays real-time information on system performance and security, and offers tips on best security practices for your organisation. If you are interested, you can find more information here at https://trust.salesforce.com/en/

Learn more about the different possibilities for Community cloud with our post on What is Community Cloud?, find out how to fully connect with likeminded people across the Salesforce platform. Community Cloud can be broken down into three main dedicated sections for the Employee Community, Customer Community and Partner Community, find out which one best suits you by getting in touch with our experienced team.