Salesforce Classic has served you well so far so why should you make the switch to lightning? One of the main advantages is the customisation you will experience. The ability to rearrange and personalise many areas, including dashboards means you are able to get the most of the areas you need and avoid those less relevant, allowing users to streamline work and minimise mistakes.
Sometimes classics are the best, especially cars or music, although when it comes to technology and Salesforce, new is undoubtedly better. You may have noticed that all new trailhead modules refer to Lightning only. This is due to the abundance of new and improved features available on Salesforce Lightning Experience that are not compatible with the Salesforce Classic version.
Only available in Lightning warning
Salesforce Assistant feature
With so many additions, all packaged in a modern user friendly look, users are able to make the most of Salesforce from desktops, or on the fly using the mobile equivalent. The updated platform boasts additional features including automated account fields, allowing users to eliminate the slow manual tasks. As well as charts, such as performance charts and campaign member status charts, making sure users have a clear understanding of progress at each stage. The Lightning Experience home page also has an additional ‘Assistant’ feature, helping users stay on track and find out important daily activities. There is no equivalent of this on Salesforce Classic and once you try it, you’ll realise what you’ve been missing.
Kanban view

Sometimes looking at all your data in list view can be a little overwhelming, to counteract this, Lightning experience allows users to use a Kanban View. Kanban View lets tasks, opportunities and many other factors be shown in a visualised manner, to help users have a clear view of everything needed. With the ability to drag and drop, deals can be sorted and personalised in order to suit the users needs best. Intelligent alerts can be added to really provide a smooth and effective experience. Take a look at our short video to show you how to access the Kanban view.

Salesforce Lightning desktop
With opportunities to tailor experiences based on anything from personal preference, to specifics like job roles, Salesforce Lightning is created with the user in mind. Those little annoying traits you find in Salesforce Classic have mostly been ironed out to create the most user friendly system yet.
Home Comparison between Salesforce Classic and Lightning

With so many changes and additions in areas such as leads, Salesforce Einstein, reports and more, it’s no wonder everyone is making the switch. Check out the full breakdown of inclusions and comparisons from Salesforce on the two platforms to help you make your decision easier.

We understand switching platforms can be hard, particularly if you have gotten comfortable with a certain way of working. However if you do decide to make the leap, the advantages are obvious. Moving over slowly can help make the change more manageable and allow users to see the new features in stages as they appear. Although some businesses work best jumping in at the deep end and taking a more ruthless approach, switching everything in one go. Both solutions are achievable, it just depends on your company’s preferences.

Whichever way you decide to make the switch, Silver Softworks can help you every step of the way, simply get in touch with our experienced team to find out more. If you’re still unsure, check out some of our other blogs to see some amazing features available to you on lightning.