Salesforce Community Cloud

Create fully branded Portals for customers, partners and employees with Salesforce Community Cloud 

Top Uses

  • Collaborate with your Partners
  • Share knowledge with customers
  • Enable customer self-service

What is Salesforce Community Cloud?

Salesforce Portals
  • We love helping our customers create fully branded portals using Salesforce Community Cloud. Create an online platform to connect and educate your customers, partners and employees fast. Allow users to communicate and learn from each other to provide support and answer queries.
  • With our trusted team of experienced consultants we configure personalised communities to allow users to converse amongst themselves and with your business. Allow for the answering of questions, learn new use cases and skills from like-minded people, sell and test new products and ideas, or simply reach out and keep in contact with your community.
  • Salesforce Community Cloud is split between three different areas to ensure increased productivity with customers, employees and partners.
Salesforce Customer Community
  • We help our customers form better relationships with theirs through trusted channels such as the Salesforce Customer Community.
  • Let customers exchange stories, use cases and question answers with each other, to help extend customer trust and encourage repeat business. We can demonstrate how to provide customers with access to training resources or any other documentation you would like them to be able to find. Members of your team can even securely exchange important documents such as billing procedures or set data to provide customers with a clear and informative view when needed.
  • Allow customers to self-serve when they have an issue instead of calling your support team, by giving them access to Salesforce Knowledge articles or interacting with other community members.
  • Take a look at more amazing use cases and how the Salesforce Customer Community could enhance your customer service practice.
Salesforce Partner Community
  • Give portal access to your channel partners to share information, collaborate on deals, and shorten your sales cycle.
  • We understand the frustrations that can be caused when trying to ensure accurate communication with connecting partners. The Salesforce Partner Community provides the ability to create interactive, real time and personalised sites to establish connections and communications between partners.
  • Transparency is always a big factor in a successful partnership, which is what makes us so dedicated to providing an effective platform to do just that. Send and share documentation and sections from other Salesforce products, directly to those who need them. Making for easy collaborations and onboarding.
  • Explore the full benefits of the Salesforce Partner Community further to see how you can improve relationships between partners.
Salesforce Employee Community
  • Communication within your business can be difficult at times, particularly when cross departmental matters arise. Our professionals understand this and provide effective ways through the Employee Community to close the gaps.
  • Our skilled team can help you to easily communicate within your business for advice, or even reimagine the way you speak to specific staffing areas, such as easily submitting issues for HR. 
  • We can help you to enlighten your staff every step of the way, by creating portals for onboarding and providing access to useful materials fast. Once your staff are settled why not have them upskill on new business areas from within a personalised community you create.
  • Check out the full extent of the advantages we can help you to achieve on the Salesforce Employee Community platform.
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Salesforce Community Cloud Questions

Find out the answers to questions we’re asked every day below or on our top 5 frequently asked questions about Community Cloud blog post. Why not submit your own by getting in touch with us. We’re happy to answer any queries you may have.
Is Salesforce Community Cloud for B2B or B2C?
Salesforce Community Cloud is created with both B2B and B2C in mind. With the ability to create communities for customers, partners and employees, we can tailor your portal to fit your needs best, based on whichever audience type you are targeting.
Can Community Cloud be hosted on an external website?
Community Cloud can be hosted on Salesforce sites and integrated with your external website. Our experienced team can adapt the URL and branding of your community to fit with the style of your current website, whist being hosted within Salesforce. This allows for a seamless transition between your website and your community whilst gaining the trackable benefit of being a Salesforce product.
What is the difference between the Salesforce Community Cloud licenses?
There are a total of 6 different Community Cloud licenses: Customer Community, Customer Community Plus, Partner Community, Lightning External Apps Starter, Lightning External Apps Plus, and Channel Account. In terms of the three most popular licence types, the Customer Community Licenses allow for a B2C focused portal with the ability to access and share Salesforce Accounts and Contact data only.The Customer Community Plus license allows for everything on the Customer Community Licence, with additional features. These include Reports and Dashboards, enhanced security, and allowing for a more in depth conversation between your business and your customers.This then differs with Partner Community licenses, which are more B2B focussed, allowing for not just Accounts and Contacts but also Leads, Opportunities and Cases to be shared.
What’s the difference between a Lightning Community and a Visualforce Community?
The main difference between a Lightning Community and a Visualforce Community is the freedom achievable when creating each of them. Our team has created many of each, and both have their benefits depending on your business needs.A Lightning Community allows users to use Salesforce preset templates or create their own, for a simple and fast setup. The Community Builder functionality lets users use a clicks-not-code to place components where they want in a visual builder, creating detailed branded portals fast.A Visualforce built Community on the other hand is entirely bespoke and personalised. Created using Visualforce and Apex custom code, this style of Community is more advanced and requires skilled developers like ours to implement.

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