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Founded in 2015 by serial entrepreneurs Rahul Powar and Randal Pinto, the Red Sift Open Cloud is a data analysis platform that is purpose-built for the challenges of cybersecurity. By harnessing the power of AI, they can securely collate, compute & visualise data from thousands of individual signals to help organisations such as TransferWise, Telefonica and Pipedrive to optimize their cybersecurity.

Products on the Red Sift platform include OnDMARC and OnINBOX, SaaS applications that work together to close the net on the phishing problem by blocking outbound phishing attacks and analysing the security of inbound communications for company-wide email threat intelligence.

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What Were Their Challenges?

As an existing Sales Cloud customer, Red Sift were already getting benefit from Salesforce but it was clear that there were some major efficiency gains to be made to their quoting processes.

As a SaaS business their billing processes, contract sign offs, and renewal workflows were mostly manual processes which were very time consuming.

They were also looking for a better way to collaborate on leads and opportunities sourced from their partner network.

How Did We Help?

Red Sift had been using the system for a while  but needed to enhance their capability to provide quotes to their customers with the addition of Salesforce CPQ. They required the ability to create detailed quotes with bundled products, and the ability to control discount thresholds and approvals.

They requested a third-party integration with both Conga Composer and Docusign to ensure a complete quote process from proposal right through to electronically signed contract.

Previously, they were using a basic quoting tool which did not provide enough detail and was not integrated with Salesforce. The addition of CPQ allows Red Sift to have a full customer view in one system and provides them with a streamlined quoting process as well as accurate pipeline reporting and forecasting capabilities.

Salesforce Products Used

Sales Cloud: Pipeline Management

Tracking of sales deals, including related products and pricing information. Revenue scheduling is in use for forecasting recognised revenue, MRR, and ARR.

Salesforce CPQ: Automated Quoting

Configured price books, products, and bundles to ensure that quotes can be created quickly and accurately, including discount rules. Subscription management, contract renewals, and asset tracking.

Custom Code: Revenue Scheduling

A custom component was designed and developed to meet Red Sift’s specific revenue scheduling requirements.

Experience Cloud: Partner Community

Allow partners to log leads, create opportunities, and collaborate on their joint pipeline.

Conga Composer: Quote Generation

Create customer ready, complex quote documents at the click of a button.

Docusign: e-Signature

Allow customers to instantly sign their contracts electronically, and automatically close win opportunities within Salesforce on signature.

We were looking for a Salesforce Partner that could understand our requirements as a fast-growing software business. Silver Softworks have proven to be a collaborative partner in scoping out business requirements and identifying opportunities as well as avoiding issues at the design stage. Beyond the projects we have successfully executed together, I often find myself discussing ideas and approaches to problems with the team as part of our ongoing relationship. It is helpful to have that kind of expertise on tap when you are iterating on changes as rapidly and often as we do. Nadim Lahoud, Red Sift.

How we can continue to help Red Sift in the future

As one of our managed services customers, Red Sift continue to benefit from an ongoing collaboration with our consulting team.

With around the clock access to our certified team, Red Sift are able to implement continuous improvements on their Salesforce instance and ensure the system is always up to date, as well as being able to implement new processes and products quickly to keep up with their rapidly changing business.

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