Salesforce Social Studio is your key intelligent platform for all things social and communicative. You are able to engage with, publish and analyse all forms of social media that could potentially benefit your company. Social media has become a big thing over the past few years and continues to grow and expand, making it the perfect source to be able to get yourself out there and engaging with relevant people and potential opportunities.
Salesforce Social Studio Analysing
Social Studio allows you to see all the social platforms you are a part of in one place. Having them all together means you can cross check between social medias to find the most relevant and up to date posts, enabling you to stay informed on current events and relevant conversations. You can even customise these views into topics or segments to enable information on specific areas to come straight to you. You can use all this information to inform your own posts to ensure they match what is current at that moment.
Posting on multiple channels in Social Studio
You don’t just have to examine and analyse posts however, from Social Studio you are also able to contribute and respond in real time and on multiple platforms without having to have separate applications for each. Having them all in one place allows not only easier viewing and contributions, but also saves a lot of time having to search between each social platform.
Scheduling on Salesforce Social Studio
Social Studio also allows you to create, approve and publish content across multiple platforms. You can securely manage all your accounts in one platform, even on the go! When out and about often there is something great to share with your followers, with Social Studio you don’t have to wait until you’re back at the desk to share it, why not do it straight from the app? Having social studio available on mobile means you can join hashtags for specific places you may be, or post content then and there before anyone else, or even maybe inspire others to come along to where you are and join in.
Using Social Studio on different devices
Once you have analysed the current goings on and contributed yourself, Social Studio then provides you with intelligent reporting to allow you to assess the success of your posts or reevaluate for future efforts.
Salesforce Social Studio reporting

With so many opportunities available for social media, Social Studio is a great tool for helping you stay on top and up to date. Why not find out how it could benefit you and your business by getting in touch today. Why not also take a look through our other posts to find out about useful products such as Pardot where you can nurture your customers with engaging marketing campaigns after using Social Studio to find out what content they are engaging with.