Creating a new user can be troublesome if you’re not quite sure how to do it, however once you learn the steps, you’ll realise how simple it can be. To help you out we have created this easy to follow short video and step by step.
  • To create a new user, the first step is to locate the cog icon in the top right hand corner of the window, and select setup. This will open a new browser tab.
  • Once the page has loaded, navigate to the left hand column to ‘Administration’. Find the subheading ‘Users’ and select the ‘Users’ option from the dropdown menu.
  • Once your users appear, click the ‘New User’ button in the centre of the screen to create a new user.
  • You will be met with a table of options. The fields containing red bars are mandatory and should be filled out in succession.
  • Start by entering names, first is not required but recommended. Whatever you type into the name fields will then generate an answer in the ‘Alias’ tab for you, this has to be unique though so ensure the name is not already taken.
  • Next, enter your email into the corresponding box, which will then automatically become your ‘Username’, as well as generate a ‘Nickname’ for the user, which you can change if you wish, as this too needs to be unique.
  • If you know any of the answers to the ‘Title’, ‘Company’, ‘Department’ or ‘Division’, feel free to add these or leave them blank as these are optional fields.
  • The next compulsory attribute you need to define is the job role the user will be known for, to do this select the drop down arrow next to ‘Role’ and select the most appropriate.
  • You will then need to select the drop down menu next to ‘User License’ to define what type of licence the user has. This will typically be the ‘Salesforce’ option (like in this example), however a range is available.
  • Clicking on the ‘Salesforce’ user licence will then change the ‘Profile’ drop down, where you can now select the profile type they will have. In this example we have chosen the ‘Standard User’ option as we do not need them to have full permissions of an administrator or other, however all options are available.
  • All of the options below from ‘Marketing User’ to ‘Employee Number’ can then stay as is and you shouldn’t really need to edit them.
  • Scroll down to the optional ‘Mailing Address’ and fill this in if required, or alternatively leave blank and move on to ‘Locale Settings’. In this section, ensure the ‘Time Zone’, ‘Local’ and ‘Language’ options are all correct for your location, or that of the user if these are different. The options will default, however it is best to check.
  • Finally ensure the ‘Generate new password and notify user immediately’ checkbox is ticked and press the ‘Save’ button at the bottom to create the user.
  • The user will then receive an email with a verification link and details to create a password for the user and complete the setup.
  • To check when the user has completed this stage, scroll down to ‘Login History’ and the result will appear below.

Follow these steps and you are able to create as many new list views as you see fit. Why not also check out some of our other quick tip posts. If you have any different issues or you would like to find out about our support options, head to our support page to see how we can help you get the most out of your Salesforce.