You’re keen on Salesforce and know how it would benefit your business well; but do you really have the time for a full implementation in your busy schedule? Of course you do! We at Silver Softworks have you covered with our new Salesforce Quick Start packages. Take a page out of our book and have a look what’s on offer:
Our quick start packages are designed to get your organisation up and running with Salesforce in the quickest, most cost efficient manner possible. We know that you’re keen to start seeing a return on investment as quickly as possible, and that the uncertainty around time and materials engagements can be daunting. Our Salesforce Quick Starts include everything you need to ensure not only a quick and efficient build and migration, but also ongoing support to help ensure adoption:
  • On site requirements gathering session
  • All basic configuration of your Salesforce instance included
  • Configuration of all required objects
  • Automation rules to increase the efficiency of your users
  • Setup of profiles and role hierarchy to enforce security requirements
  • Email integration
  • Report and Dashboard configuration to get an overview of performance
  • Data migration from your old system/spreadsheets
  • Training for your users
  • Post go-live support, to ensure successful adoption and make minor tweaks and changes as the system beds in
Let’s be honest, sometimes we can all be a bit impatient, but here we encourage it! Salesforce Quick Start packages were created for those who need a fast turn around and don’t want to wait to get started. We appreciate some people like the slow and steady approach but sometimes the hares of the race need a win too. Don’t be fooled though, although they are quick, (so quick in fact we can have you up and running within 10 working days) the same Silver Softworks quality is assured from every package. Featuring inclusion areas such as Object Configuration, Automation, Data Migration, Ongoing Support and more; you can be certain you will be getting the best option for your business.
There are three packages to choose from ranging in features, completion timings and price:
Salesforce Quick Start Small Package


The first is the ‘Small Package’, this is aimed at new Salesforce customers who wish to be up and running within as little as four working days with a basic package covering all the key areas of building and migration within the platform. The small package includes all the basics required for a small sales team with a straightforward sales process. Inclusive of:

  • Enquiry management, including web-to-lead
  • Sales process, opportunities, pipeline management
  • Reports and dashboards
  • Half day training session
Salesforce Quick Start Medium Package


Next is the ‘Medium Package,, this involves a more in depth package aimed at companies with sales teams who are a bit more advanced or in need of a customer support process. This package can have you up and running within seven working days and covers everything in the small package with several additions including:

  • Multiple sales processes
  • Basic case management
  • Quoting in Salesforce
  • More automation
  • System documentation
  • Super user training
Salesforce Quick Start Large Package


If you still haven’t quite found the package for you then you could be after our ‘Large Package’. Featuring all the bells and whistles, this package covers everything you could want from a quickstart. Having you up and running within ten working days, this package provides a detailed build and migration with everything your business could need in a short time frame. It includes everything from the other two aforementioned packages with the addition of:

  • Even more automation
  • Advanced training
  • Customised user guide
  • Three months of ongoing support
  • A follow up visit from your consultant to help ensure adoption

Download the full guide

We all know time is precious and any way to save some has to be worth a look, so why not download our complete guide here to find out which Salesforce Quick Start suits you best?