We’ve been promoted to Salesforce Platinum Partner

(or Summit Partner, if you want to use the new terminology)

What is a Salesforce Platinum Partner?

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that as of December 2022, Silver Softworks has been promoted by Salesforce to Platinum Partner status – just twelve months after our previous promotion to Gold Partner.

All partners are scored by Salesforce on an ongoing basis in four categories:

  1. Customer Success
  2. Innovation
  3. Growth
  4. Impact

Scores in these categories lead to something called the Trailblazer Score, and that score determines the partner tier which is reviewed on a quartlery basis.

There are four tiers of Salesforce partner:

  • Base (previously called “Registered”)
  • Ridge (previously called “Silver”)
  • Crest (previously called “Gold”)
  • Summit (previously called “Platinum”)

Our promotion to Platinum Partner firmly establishes us as one of Salesforce’s most trusted implementation partners.


What does this mean for Silver Softworks?

As a Salesforce only consultancy, our promotion to Platinum Partner by Salesforce has been an aspiration since the formation of the company back in 2015.

To finally be officially recognised among the best partners Salesforce has to offer is not just a huge milestone, it’s a testament to all the fantastic work that the team here have been doing, and all of the success they’ve created for our customers.


What does this mean for Salesforce Customers?

Choosing a Salesforce implementation partner can be overwhelming; there are over 1500 registered Salesforce partners in the UK alone, so how do you make sure you pick the right partner to help you evaluate and implement Salesforce?

That’s what the partner tiering system is all about – communicating clearly to customers who the most experienced and reputable partners in the ecosystem are.

So what does this mean for Salesforce customers? It means you can be confident in Silver Softworks’ ability to deliver your Salesforce project successfully.


And finally some thanks…

We’d just like to take the opportunity to say thanks again to everybody who has worked with us on our journey so far – our customers, our hard working team, and of course, our partners at Salesforce.


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