What is Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud?

Nonprofits are becoming more and more popular and expanding at an inspiring rate. With this growth, however, it can be difficult to keep up with the more financially stable companies due to the spending limits available to you. With the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud you are able to continue to do good in the world on a platform that keeps you and your budget in mind, providing you with Salesforce capabilities at a discounted rate. Take a look at this short video produced by Salesforce.org to see the platform in action before finding out more, see it here.

Nonprofit Cloud infographic of statistics

How can NonProfit Cloud help you?

Salesforce.org Nonprofit Cloud
Nonprofit Cloud is there for your every need and to ultimately help you raise more and reach your goals. You are able to track and measure occurrences in real time to get a clear view of your impact. You can also look back over past goals and timelines in order to successfully build up a future plan. Using AI you are able to gain deeper insights into donors to really enhance your efforts.
Save time with Nonprofit Cloud
Time is a very important commodity in nonprofit work and Nonprofit Cloud is here to help save you some. The platform allows you to store everything you could need in one place on the cloud, meaning you can access, add and manage projects from anywhere they may take you. Being in the cloud also reduces paper use, as everything is digital and ready at your convenience.

What does the Nonprofit Cloud do?

Nonprofit Cloud enables you to have consistent reporting on all projects and outgoings. With this clear view you can make informed and cost effective decisions for marketing and outreach strategies based on real time data. Client records are all stored in one place and able to access from anywhere meaning you are always prepared when it counts. With integrated social channels you can stay up to date and in contact with those clients when needed.
Managing data in Salesforce
Because every organisation is different with individual needs, the Nonprofit Cloud Platform is entirely customisable, allowing you to manage volunteers, gain information on new ones or track new and existing funding. If there is something missing however you are able to utilise the more than 1,700 partner apps available on the Nonprofit AppExchange.

What makes Salesforce’s platform different?

Giving to charity

Giving you the assistance needed to effectively manage all non-profit attributes from scholarship programs, to philanthropic giving, to monthly giving packages and more. Nonprofit Cloud gives you the freedom to ensure all budgeting, volunteering, training, support and whatever else you are involved in can all come together on one platform, to provide you with the right tools you need to continue giving back. Salesforce.org have provided a helpful guide to illustrate just how versatile the platform can be take a look here.

Find out how Nonprofit Cloud and Salesforce.org as a whole, can be used to give Nonprofits the advantage with the Salesforce platform. If you would like to know how Salesforce.org can personally benefit you and your organisation, speak directly to our experienced team by simply calling 01376 318800.