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We’ve implemented Salesforce for dozens of Nonprofit organisations. Here are some examples of how we’ve implemented it for those similar to yours…

Programme Delivery

Manage Any Type of Programme

Utilise a standard framework to manage any programme or service, as well as tracking participants and deliverables.

Personalised Client Services

By utilising the Nonprofit Cloud Case Management functionality we can configure the platform to support large scale service delivery whilst facilitating personal engagement with your clients, including intake tracking, assessments, goals, and objectives

Direct Engagement

Surface programmes and services through a portal using Salesforce Experience Cloud to put schedules, goals, and tasks into the hands of your clients. Allow them to engage with your organisation directly and take ownership of their own journey, as well as being able to access registration and eligibility steps for other programmes and services that are available to them.

Safeguarding and Incident Management

Capture safeguarding concerns or incidents in a secure, confidential manner. Ensure that only appropriate users with the right permissions are included on alerts.

Understand and Track Your Impact

With Salesforce reporting you’ll be able to track an abundance of KPI’s and measure your impact in real time. For example, attendance tracking and relevant EDI data for your funders’ requirements.

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Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Featured Grant Programme

Grant Management

Granting Process

Use Salesforce’s Grant Management System to easily track and engage with organisations or individuals applying for your granting programmes. Track these funding requests from initial application through your assessment/decision processes and monitor ongoing grants with requirements, deliverables, and disbursements.

Self Service

Salesforce Experience Cloud can provide your grantees with rich self-service experiences. Have customers self-serve with visibility of their own funding requests and track pending disbursements with association requirements. Allow peers to share their stories with each other and generate further engagement.

Fund Management

Associate disbursements against funds dedicated to specific programmes or use cases. This allows you to keep track of disbursements that have already been paid as well as pending disbursements with totals calculating amounts to further monitor budgets

Link Programme Access and Services

A lot of grant makers out there don’t only provide financial aid, but also generate grants for ongoing programmes and services which they provide. Linking the Salesforce Grant Management System with the Programme Management capabilities can provide you with a full left to right encompassing referral, assessment, awarding of grant, delivery of services, and resulting impact analysis.

Income Management

Track Income From All Sources

Generate views and access information regarding all of your income, from individual single or regular donations through to corporate and trust inbound grants.

Website and Payment Integrations

Generate online forms with integrations to the most common payment providers like Stripe, GoCardless, and PayPal whilst generating relevant records directly within Salesforce for full visibility and reporting.

Streamline Your Data Entry

Dedicated interface pages per income type allows you to surface only the fields which are relevant for the type of income you’re entering.  Define different stages and corresponding automations and validation of data depending on whether the donation is a single donation or a major gift, for example.

Fund Management

Associate your income records with funds to provide better analysis and budget planning. Pull these fund records full circle if you’re also a grant maker or a programme and services provider by linking your income to resultant disbursements in order to see a 360 degree view of your income from source to spend. 

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