Who uses Field Service Lightning?

The Salesforce Field Service Lightning platform is particularly helpful for contractors or mobile workers and those who employ them, however the uses can be adapted to many different business scenarios. The platform allows you to successfully coordinate field operations of many different descriptions, including:

Dispatch workers
Schedule appointments for services
Track vehicle locations
Dispatch equipment
Track appointment status
Monitor product stock

How does Field Service Lightning work?

Having a platform that can be used to ensure all the aforementioned elements and more are brought together to work harmoniously is an incredibly useful tool to help reduce mistakes. The way the platform achieves this, is by splitting up sections to provide ‘Core Field Service Lightning Features’, with ‘Scheduling Optimisation From Managed Packages’ all also available on ‘A Mobile App For Your Mobile Workforce’. With everything in one place and even available in mobile app form you can be sure you are always up to date and able to spot issues, sometimes before they even happen, to work out solutions.

Salesforce Field Service Lightning on different devices

What is Field Service Lightning?

There are many additions you can make to this platform however the core features included are:

Service Territories

Details where service work is performed and which regions.

Operating Hours

Shows times in which service territories, customer accounts and service resources can be operated.

Service Resources

Those mobile employees who work in the field.

Service Crews

Groups of Service Resources who complete assignments as a unit.


What is required to complete field service tasks.

Time Sheets

Used to track the time of which your field service employees spend on tasks.

Work Types

Common field service work that can be compiled into templates, ie installations or repairs.

Work Orders

Field service work requests.

Service Appointments

Field service work appointments.

Maintenance Plans

With auto-generated work orders you are able to track preventive maintenance work, which is compiled into plans.

Product Items

During field service work, those items or services that could be required, consumed, requested or transferred.

Product Requests

Item requests.

Product Transfers

Inventory transfers between locations.

Return Orders

The records of repairs or inventory returns.

Service Report Templates

Work orders and the status of service appointments summarised in customer-facing templates.

What are the benefits of Salesforce Field Service?

As you can see there is a lot achievable on the Salesforce Field Service Lightning platform and being able to take it with you means you are certain everything is live updated and efficient. With the ability to track everything, from inventory to workers using geocoding, you are sure everything is working just as it should and all areas of the transactions can be monitored. One of the most useful features however is the ability to use the mobile app even offline, meaning even if your field workers are in a dead zone with no signal, they will still be able to complete their tasks successfully.

Now you know a lot of the possibilities available to you from using Salesforce Field Service Lightning, why not get in touch to learn how it could benefit your business personally. Field Service lightning is often popular in the Manufacturing industry and many others, take a look at our industries section to find out what other products could benefit you.