Salesforce Engage was created to harmonise the gap between sales and marketing. As the platform puts Salesforce and Pardot capabilities hand in hand, users are able to utilise design and marketing techniques from both. Marketing are able to produce items such as customised email templates that can be utilised and shared by sales.

What does it do?

There are many elements that make up Salesforce Engage, however the four main sections are:

1:1 or 1:many

Engage Campaigns

Engage Campaigns: Using Salesforce to create 1:many or even 1:1 campaigns with marketing-approved content.

Salesforce Engage Alerts

Engage Alerts

After establishing criteria important to you, Salesforce Engage allows you to react to prospects in real-time whenever an opportunity arises, helping to ensure you are not missing out on something important.

Salesforce Engage Reports

Engage Reports

Once your campaigns are active you can analyse leads and assess how they interact with them. You can look at multiple time frames to see progress and how emails performed, allowing marketers to create more successful future content.

Salesforce Engage for Gmail and Outlook

Engage for Gmail and Outlook

Use the same products your customers are with the ability to send trackable emails direct from Gmail or Outlook.

How does it work?

Once the marketing team has used Pardot to create great content and templates ready to be put into effect by the sales teams, both can then use Salesforce Engage to access Pardot data on tracking and monitoring success rates. Marketers already know the power of marketing automation available in Pardot, however now sales can also learn the potential it creates. Each team is able to stick to the platforms they know how to best utilise, whilst coming together in one place to best combine efforts and harness each others skills and capabilities. On the Salesforce side, teams can receive alerts when any content is accessed or engaged with, allowing for quicker response times and effective teamwork.
Pardot and Salesforce joined by Engage

Working Together

A great outcome from the combination between the two platforms is the ability for sales to access marketing qualified leads and decide whether they would like to progress faster with any, when a prospect shows signs they recognise. Deals can be closed quickly as no switching of platforms needs to occur, everything to communicate and close deals is easily accessible in one view.

Sales and marketing don’t even need to be in the same proximity as each other to be able to use Salesforce Engage. Users are able to stay on top of alerts and new developments from wherever they may take them. Use tracked emails in Gmail, Salesforce and even Outlook on the move on your mobile or tablet. Using the customised viewer you can engage with your customers about relevant content you know they have responded well to.

Salesforce Engage Report

If you would like to find out more about bringing Salesforce and Pardot together with Salesforce Engage, why not get in touch. Both Pardot and Salesforce can be enhanced with a range of other connecting products too, such as Einstein Analytics, which can be used to define buying intent in Pardot and configured as Einstein Voice with Salesforce. Find out which product combinations would suit you best by calling us on 01376 318800.