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Headquartered in London and with offices in Boston and New York, corfinancial serves financial services organisations across the UK, Europe and the Americas.

Their software products help clients achieve compliance, improve efficiencies, save money and scale for the future.

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What Were Their Challenges?

The corfinancial team needed a scalable CRM solution to manage their opportunity pipelines and sales activities, as well as centralising marketing communications to their prospects.

Having better visibility of their business development processes and the ability to accurately report on progress was a key requirement.

How Did We Help?

Silver Softworks identified the immediate and longer term challenges faced by corfinancial and created a solution proposal that would address each of these.

We ran discovery workshops to ensure Silver Softworks had a thorough understanding of corfinancial’s business requirements and created a design document that captured this all in one location.

A combination of Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) and Sales Cloud have been set up to help the corfinancial team manage their business development and lead generation processes.

Salesforce Products Used

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Email campaigns to help build the Sales pipeline and report on open/click rates. Engagement Studio campaigns and email templates.

Sales Cloud: Lead Management

Centralised management of prospective companies and the target people within those firms. 

Sales Cloud: Pipeline Management

Focus on managing new business and pipeline management. Monitoring Sales teams and recording communications with prospective firms to have an overview of activity across the team.

Sales Cloud: Contract Management

Centralising the control of client contracts and the renewal mechanisms in an automated way.

Inbox: Outlook Integration

Giving sales reps the ability to work from Outlook, while keeping Salesforce data current. Viewing Salesforce data directly within Outlook, log emails and events to Salesforce records.

Analytics: Reports & Dashboards

A suite of reports and dashboards provides analytics across the solution, including sales pipeline and business development team activity. Monitor progression of opportunities and not miss any next steps. Enabling the senior management team to understand the progress of business development in real time.

Customer testimonial by David Veal from corfinancial

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