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Implementing grant management solutions including case management, live chat, and telephony integration using Salesforce.

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Bank Workers Charity


Bank Workers Charity (BWC) is the only occupational benevolent fund for all current and former bank employees working in the UK and their families.

The charity’s objectives are the prevention and relief of poverty and advancement of health amongst bank employees, their families, children, and dependents as well as advancements of education amongst the children of bank employees.

Each year they help thousands of current and former bank employees and their families through the provision of information, advice, expert support services and in some cases, financial assistance.

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What Were Their Challenges?

Following an internal review of their processes and applications, BWC identified a number of related projects which made up a wider technology programme designed to deliver an agile, flexible, responsive platform to support the organisation.

The goal was to enhance their existing Salesforce platform and use it to replace their outdated grant management platform.

BWC also identified that this technology programme would need to encompass multiple platforms being centrally integrated, including telephony, email, and live agent for both B2B and B2C.

How Did We Help?

Bank Workers Charity were already using some elements of Salesforce for smaller use cases, however, we needed to implement significant changes to the overall platform to implement the referral and grant making processes.

Standard Salesforce tools such as Nonprofit Case Management with Live Agent and telephony Integration, and Salesforce Grant Management to provide a fully cyclic process of enquiry, assessment, referral and monitoring/reporting functionality.

Throughout the implementation and deployment, Silver Softworks provided support to each relevant team to ensure a successful project.

Our experienced consultants ensured that BWC would be able to report at each stage of the process, as well as giving them the ability to report on products individually and the capability to accurately measure their impact

Salesforce Products Used

Service Cloud: Nonprofit Cloud Case Management

Handling enquiries and referrals whilst tracking assessments and outputs providing a full 360 degree view of engagement with clients.

Grant management:

Bringing the enquiries/Referrals into the granting process allows BWC to track all clients throughout their journey including any additional financial or programme related assistance that is being provided.

Program Tracking

Working with Partnerships and referrals specifically around thematic areas and facilitating service delivery via repeatable sessions whilst capturing source and output data throughout various cohorts.

Event Management: Campaigns

Managing the events which are run with BWC through the Salesforce standard campaign structure has allowed for a scalable and future proof foundation to expand on in later phases – including mass mailing/marking platforms.

Fundraising: Nonprofit Success Pack

Utilising the NPSP we are able to track donors and associated donations whilst relating them back to source events whilst providing additional functionality to load crowdfunding site data.

Analytics: Reports & Dashboards

A full suite of reports and dashboards enabling BWC to track all aspects of their organisation and engagement with clients, grantees, and delegates.

The expertise, service, training and hand-holding that Silver Softworks offered during and post implementation have exceeded expectations. Their development skills, customer service, willingness to help solve problems and help with the adoption of Salesforce has truly been exceptional. Despite tight deadlines and demanding requirements, they delivered on time and on budget and BWC is already seeing clear value in their new system adoption. Overall, the team at Silver Softworks has been the perfect partner for BWC and if you are looking for a third-party partner to help you with Salesforce, I highly recommend Silver Softworks. Nadine Rochester, Bank Workers Charity

How we continue to help Bank Workers Charity

As one of our managed services customers, Bank Workers Charity continue to benefit from an ongoing collaboration with our consulting team.

With around the clock access to our certified team, BWC are able to implement continuous improvements on their Salesforce instance and ensure the system is always up to date, as well as being able to implement new processes and products quickly to keep up with their rapidly changing business throughout additional phases.

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