Quotes are one of the most powerful features in Salesforce CPQ with a variety of uses. Here are our top 4 features of Quotes that you can use for your own Salesforce platform.
Salesforce CPQ

1.Build up Comprehensive Client Records

One of the top uses of Quotes is documenting products and/or services required by your customer. This can work as a record to include all information such as prices and items, as well as the formalities that can be involved such as dates or signatures. Saving you time and energy!

Salesforce CPQ Quote

2. Create Customized Quotes

Another great use is the creation of comprehensive quotes unique for each customer. Depicted in PDF format, the quote document is inclusive of all information and technicalities such as final contracts with terms & conditions or validity, etc, as well as information on each product. The output quote document also provides the ability to have the customer sign the quote electronically, saving time and allowing for faster transactions.

Salesforce CPQ guided selling

3. Guided Selling

One of the most useful tools out there, guided selling allows you to set prompts for your sales team to ensure they are selecting the right products and have all the correct options, as well as autoselect products when necessary. With the assistance of the configurator function, you can set the permissions for defining and adapting bundles to ensure some restrictions apply.

4. Create more than one quote per opportunity!

You are not limited to the number of quotes you create for any opportunity. Although you can only have one primary quote that will be reflected on the opportunity record. You may want to create several potential quotes, each excluding or including different items to have the prices and combinations handy when talking to a customer. For example, a quote that contains the whole package of everything available and some that contain discounts or variations. All this can help you when talking to the customer and making that final sale.

As you can see, Salesforce CPQ is a very helpful tool for your sales teams to stay current and effective. If you would like to know more about the other areas of Salesforce CPQ and how it can benefit your business, get in touch here.