There are many useful connectors available for Pardot, Olark being one of them. Olark allows users to chat with visitors and prospects in a simplified manner. It works on a IM basis available on many different devices such as desktop or mobile to ensure you can always be in contact with potential clients, regardless of where you or they might be.

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Using the Olark connector for Pardot enables you to track and record Olark chats with a tracking code, allowing you to see the related prospect or create one using an email address if is not already registered. Being in Pardot means those customers that took the time to get in contact with you can be rewarded with a prospects score adjustment. You are able to score more accurately, as Olark engagement proves interest and prospect potential.
Being able to track chats also means you can see details on which web page customers are on when they get in touch, information from the session and even location, to ensure you can have informed conversations relevant to the specific customer.
Olark chat for Pardot prospects
Occasionally mistakes may happen from missed or forgotten information when talking to a customer. With Olark however this risk is severely minimised as the software transcribes chats for you to peruse again at a later date. Depending on the outcome of the chat you can then add the prospect into a relevant list or campaign to continue engagement.
The Olark for Pardot connector is simple to set up through Pardot (you have to connect this way rather than through Olark itself). Particularly if you are already using Olark, as all you have to do is enable the connector and Pardot takes care of the rest!

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