You’ve spent time perfecting your personal Salesforce platform, and it is all ready to go. But setting it up and maintaining it are two different things entirely. Who is going to take responsibility for the day-to-day running of your new system, and who is going to make sure that your users are getting full usage out of their new CRM?

Salesforce Admin

What is a Salesforce Admin?

A Salesforce Admin will be your top resource going forward. Taking care of everything from making small tweaks and changes throughout the system, to importing and exporting data, or even monitoring adoption and personalisation. Salesforce Admins are inarguably useful to the continuous running of your Salesforce platform. Check out this post on ’What is an Admin?’ to find out just how useful they can be.

Cost of Salesforce Admin

How much does a Salesforce Admin cost?

Hiring a Salesforce Admin can be a very costly investment. Despite the inexperienced nature of a junior admin, according to Mason Frank’s 2018/19 Salary Survey, they typically cost £32,542 to employ. But if it’s experience and broad knowledge you are looking for, this will set you back £55,547 on average. This is a huge investment and one that if you have the money, will benefit your team and the success of your salesforce platform greatly. If you don’t have these funds to spare however, there is another way to gain the experience and skills of a Senior Admin, this is where the support of MyAdmin from Silver Softworks differs.

Benefits of MyAdmin

What are the benefits of MyAdmin?

MyAdmin allows for the addition of a full time, experienced, certified Salesforce administrator at a fraction of the cost of hiring a new employee. Not only is MyAdmin a great money saving package, but also boasts a number of other advantages.

  • Always have someone on hand when you need help
  • Get everything from advice, data loading, report creation, and minor configuration changes, fast
  • All the time consuming areas such as creating reports and dashboards can be taken care of on your behalf
  • Avoid the Salesforce menu and raise a case directly with a real person
Finding a Salesforce Admin

Finding A Salesforce Admin

With all these benefits, finding just one skilled Salesforce Admin is usually a tricky task, as they are few and far between. MyAdmin on the other hand, allows for a remote certified team to help provide support where needed. Our support is never offshored, unlike the support offerings of many of our competitors. Being a team also means there will always be someone available to help with expertise across many Salesforce instances, which is more than can be said for any individual employee you may come across.

MyAdmin inclusions

What’s included?

MyAdmin includes assistance with automation, training, data migration, users and much more. Essentially, MyAdmin is an affordable, certified and experienced team of experts to help you and your business, providing all the support you need to run a successful Salesforce platform. The team covers from start to finish, such as assistance on adoption with a helpful guide that can be found here. A full list of inclusions are shown on the MyAdmin brochure here.

If you would like to know more about MyAdmin or other salesforce support options, simply get in touch here. To see everything a MyAdmin can do and how they can benefit you, why not access the full brochure here.

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