This week’s blog post is going to be full of action, excitement and adventure, so get comfortable because we are about to start!

Lets start from the beginning. Monday… it was a pretty normal day, I knew we all had an exciting week ahead of us, but Monday was pretty standard, trailblazing like a mad man, running through certification prep and mock exams. Other than that, not much to report. Tuesday, a bit more exciting, much of the same thing, trails, studying, but the office had a briefing about the Salesforce World Tour! This was exciting stuff, I had no idea what to expect and so we all got a rundown of what was to happen on the day, which to say the least got me pretty pumped for Thursday, the day of the World Tour!

So Wednesday flew by, especially when I achieved my 100 trailhead badges which unlocked me the highest rank (Ranger), also I knew one of those badges was a super badge, so a pretty awesome day in preparation for the world tour. Then Thursday came! oh yes, world tour day! Early start, no idea what to expect and I mean, talk about being under prepared… it was absolutely insane, there were thousands of people that attended, other partner companies like ourselves, salesforce of course, other companies that built their tool/businesses using salesforce and people new to salesforce that were looking to learn. It was just an incredible experience, free stuff everywhere you went, food and drink, keynotes, I mean for someone like myself who is getting to know salesforce and still quite new to the whole system, it was astonishing to see the turnout and what salesforce is really capable of.

The world tour was an amazing opportunity, I joined Silver Softworks at the perfect time and was honoured to be taken along for the day with the rest of the team. It was a very long, but very exciting and I learned an obscene amount about the platform.

Now it is Friday, definitely a shame that the world tour is over for another year, but now you are here reading my blog post which is hopefully allowing you to understand that Salesforce is an amazing tool in the current age and can be learned by absolutely anyone! If you are looking to get in to salesforce and you want to learn what amazing things salesforce can do, then you definitely need to go to the world tour!

All in all, this week has been an awesome week, trailed to the top rank and I will be continuing with this until I have all of the badges. Preparing for my Salesforce Administrator certification which I will hopefully be attempting next week and the world tour created some memories that will never be forgotten!

Thank you for reading this week’s blog. I hope you enjoyed it and you have an insight in to what a salesforce world tour event is like. Also to get you on trailhead and earn badges to start your journey to understanding the salesforce platform.

I will be back next week with another blog post that will include some interesting news you do not want to miss! Keep blazing those trails and check out some of our recommendations for interesting Trailhead badges you may have missed, until next week’s post.