Zak Crammond

The Silver Softworks team is growing again! This time with the addition of Zak Crammond, our new Nonprofit Practice Lead. This is a really exciting time for us, as we expand our focus even further. We had a little Q&A with our latest employee to show you who you could be working with:

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How did you get into Salesforce?

I have been a consultant since 2004, working for a software house and running a team of engineers to install and support bespoke software within the legal industry. I then progressed to Salesforce in 2011 and I haven’t looked back since! It was very rewarding starting out at a gold level partner and assisting with scaling to the platinum level partner they are today.

What sort of organisations have you worked with?

I was part of a smaller consultancy specialising within the nonprofit sector specifically for fundraising, grant management and membership management organisations. Ranging from small charities with 5-15 full time staff to larger charities with 200+ staff. I always find it interesting that within this ecosystem some people are still basing the complexity of an organisation’s needs on the number of staff. Whereas my experience shows that a smaller charity of 5 staff will have the same or very similar requirements compared to those charities that have 100+ staff, it simply comes down to the scalability of the platform and implementation which makes the difference.

Why charities and nonprofits?

During my time I engaged several large nonprofit organisations which instilled a sense of purpose beforehand unknown, the concept of helping these organisations provide impact in their chosen area allowed a real sense of accomplishment which was addictive. Working with charitable organisations and partnering with them long term, you can quickly and easily see the impact that they make across their local communities, or in the case of some charities, nation and worldwide. The impact that can be made by implementing the correct system to enhance and mesh with their processes can be profound and you can really get the sense that your work, your design, your recommendations are making a difference to so many people that benefit from the great work these organisations do.

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Why Silver Softworks?

Having helped another consultancy grow over the last 3 years which specialise within the Nonprofit sector as their Nonprofit Practice Lead I have had the absolute pleasure of working with some of the biggest charities in the UK surrounded by people who have the same vision and thought process as I do. Helping drive the processes and building the team to what it is today has been incredibly rewarding and I have enjoyed every second of it. So why move to Silver Softworks? Well, I enjoyed it so much I wanted to do it again! This is the perfect opportunity for me as it allows me to do what I absolutely love doing: helping the nonprofit sector and expand on an existing practice’s capabilities.

Take a look at our team page to see Zak and the rest of the Silver Softworks team. If you would like to get in contact with Zak or any of our team, head to our contact page and let us know how we can help. If you are a non-profit organisation, check out our non profits page to find out how Salesforce can help you.