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Medicareplus International

Health & Life Sciences

Medicareplus International was incorporated in 2007 with the aim of manufacturing a range of wound care products and medical devices strictly conforming to the required technical specifications for each product, for the UK, European and Global market.

In April 2008 the Company became part of the Chemilines Group of companies who have been established for over 25 years within the healthcare sector. Chemilines are recognised as one of the UK’s leading pharmaceutical importers and distributors of sourced branded medicines, generics and perfumes in the UK.

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What Were Their Challenges?

From our initial meeting with Medicareplus International, it was clear that their existing CRM system was not going to scale with the needs of a growing and maturing sales team, or support their marketing team with their aspirations for outbound digital marketing and event management.

Reporting on the current state of the business was also lacking, with no visibility over marketing activity and ROI, no view of the current pipeline, and no ability to forecast future sales.

How Did We Help?

Using a combination of Sales Cloud and Pardot, we were able to give Medicareplus International a formal sales process, from initial enquiry right through to Closed Won Opportunity, and help their sales team manage their deals more efficiently, resulting in more closed business.

The marketing team adopted Pardot to help them measure engagement, track activity, and help with marketing automation. With a fully integrated CRM and marketing tool, they are now able to segment their database and target the right customers with the right messaging, at the right time.

Salesforce Products Used

Sales Cloud: Lead Management

Collection of new enquiries, capturing all required lead data, allocation of leads to the sales team, and managing the lead qualification process

Sales Cloud: Opportunity Management

Tracking of sales deals, including related products and pricing information. Revenue scheduling
is in use for forecasting recognised revenue.

CRM: Accounts & Contacts

Tracking of accounts (clinical commissioning groups), contacts, and their complex relationships to each other.

CRM: Activity Tracking

View a full audit trail of any interactions with a customer, including email (Outlook integration), call logs, event attendance/registration, & any digital engagement via Pardot

Pardot: Campaign Management

Management and tracking of email campaigns, in-person events, and digital engagement.

Automatic prospect scoring and grading to identify and target strongest prospect.

Analytics: Reports & Dashboards

A full suite of reports and dashboards including Marketing Activity, Sales Pipeline, Forecasting, and Marketing Campaign Performance.

Choosing Silver Softworks as our Salesforce Partner worked really well for us. They took the time to really understand our business to ensure alignment with our processes, even though our business comes with a few peculiarities. They brought their skills and experience to the table, and challenged our stakeholders' thinking throughout the process. I am very happy to recommend Silver Softworks as a consulting partner, and look forward to continuing to work in partnership with them for years to come. Alpana Warke Vijayaraghavan, Medicareplus International

How we can continue to help Medicareplus International in the future

Medicareplus International are off to a great start with their implementation but have already identified some future priorities which are achievable with Salesforce:

  • Getting a data feed of sales actuals data so that the sales team can compare their forecasted vs actual sales information
  • Adopting Salesforce Einstein Analytics to help gain deeper insights into their sales data using AI

We look forward to our long term partnership with Medicareplus International as they continue on their Salesforce journey.

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