Salesforce Administrator Certification

Lets start off this weeks blog post with a high. Wednesday I pushed myself to booking and taking my Administrator Certification exam and I passed and so I am now working on my next Salesforce Certification which will be the Salesforce App Builder Certification. This is good news because it allows me to start working on client projects and help out my team. At Silver Softworks all staff must be certified before they are allowed to work on client projects so having my Administrator certification means that I can start to provide some basic support to the rest of the team.

The exam itself: I was ready for in my mind, but I had my doubts, I believe I just did not want to fail it as I was eager to get in to things with actual work, so I just booked it and thus pushing myself to be ready in time as I had a set deadline. When it got to the exam, I went in to a meeting room as I did the exam at work, set up the camera and then sat the exam. Don’t get me wrong, it is a little strange how you are being watched and there is no sound or anything coming in from the other end, but when I got in to it, I forgot about the camera and just did the exam as best as I possibly could and thus my feeling of pressure lowered and I thankfully passed.

I would not have completed this examination as quickly without my mentor Thomas Packer, who has given me plenty of material, taken me through mock examinations and explained anything I was not sure of. Because of this I was able to complete the examination and pass with flying colours. I will now hold on to all of these materials and links to pass on to the next graduate who joins, because when one does, I will be the one to mentor them which is an exciting thought! Now it is time for me and Tom to get in to the Salesforce App Builder Certification so I can get another one under my belt and further my understanding of Salesforce.

Thank you for reading this weeks blog post. It is short and sweet, but I wanted to cover the most important part of the week as I have been working for this exam since day one.


PS. If you don’t fancy having to go through the exam process yourself, why not let us take care of your Salesforce Administration for you? Find out all the details with our free MyAdmin brochure.